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Postby cheongzewei » Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:25 am

2 days later, Bow's point of view.
"Master, why are we waiting for them?" Trisha asked.
I turned my head to face my red haired magic doll whom i found and replied.
"Two reasons, they interest me, and the other's a secret. And stop calling me 'master', makes me feel old."
"I'll stop calling you master if you stop going on stupid, dangerous adventures." she answered cheerfully.
I sighed and smiled at her.

This is Trisha, she's a magic doll i found damaged somewhere in The Garden in Crest , i repaired her, dyed her hair red, and she has taken me to be her master. She does call me brother when we are in public though. I haven't told her about Keladry yet, i don't want to be the one pestered with questions after all.
She found me yesterday, says she was worried for me and the bad luck. I gave her the staff, it'll amplify her water magic somewhat in case of a fight.

We continued waiting at the side of the road, somewhere north of Mehiah.
Eventually, i hear horse hooves stomping the ground. I stood up, and offered my hand to pull her up.
"Here they are. Point your thumb up towards the road. If we're lucky, we'll see falling horses."
"Idiot, horses don't fall. Stop grinning." She replied.
"We'll see."

Soon, a party of 5 horse man appeared in the distance galloping fast while on the road. I waved to them. Keladry who was in the lead looked terrible shocked, and reared her horse. This cause a sudden panic in the rest of the horses, where Merrissa and Ursi and their mounts fell down. Ursi because she was to near to Keladry, Merrissa because she was not experienced in handling horses. Daniel, who was riding on Shock, slowed down enough to calmly walk towards me.

"See? Falling horses" i pointed out
"Ah brother, a pegasus!" Trisha exclaimed, ignoring what i said.

As Daniel dismounted from Shock and The party approached, i waved and greeted them.
"Yo, so how's the journey?"

Normal Point of view-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Merrissa ran forward, grabbed Bow by his shoulders, stared at him for a while, before hugging him. Bow calmly patted her back until she released him.
"Who are you?" Keladry asked, in a serious tone.
Bowpurity looked at her warily before answering. "Oh i'm just a wondering civilian who has a very odd bow. Jeez, who do you think i am."
"You can't be him, he's dead. I saw his heart ripped out by Lebeau."
"Right.... and i'm his twin brother or something. While i am annoyed that you didn't check to see if i was alive, i can't blame you. I'm Bowpurity, i'm still alive, oh thank you very much and let's leave it at that."
Feeling a chill, Bowpurity froze up, he slowly looked behind him and saw Trisha with a dark aura.
"Master...It seems that you did not tell me about that particular detail....." Trisha threatened.
"Ah, i just didn't want to worry you." Braving the pits of hell, Bowpurity strode forward and hugged her. "I won't leave you, i promise."
Trisha relaxed and cried for a while before answering.. "Master owes me ice cream."
"I'll pay you a full bucket."

Ken decided to interrupt the situation. "So.... how are you still alive? How did you get here before us for that matter?"
Bowpurity gently pushed Trisha away from him, and took out a cure scroll from his pack. "Even if you get your heart ripped, you still have 10 seconds to live. In those 10 seconds, if you can heal the injury, you'll be alive. Cure scrolls, letting the grim reaper have a vacation. I got here 2 days ago using the magic circle back in Gran. If i wasn't unconscious due to blood lost, I would have brought you guys along."
"But yea, i realized that i forgot my key back in Emil, and decided to visit my sister...... whom apparently decided to leave Emil and follow me, and here we are. Everyone, meet Trisha. Trisha, meet Ken, Keladry,Daniel,Ursi,Merrissa."

Trisha bowed slightly. "Nice to meet you, I'm Trisha, Bowpurity's my ma~" Bow quickly closed her mouth with the palm of his hand. "I'm her brother."
Being subjected to Bowpurity sharp glare, Trisha looked sheepish and looked down. "Sorry, i forgot."
"Well, anyway, why don't we go to town and get something to eat? I know a shortcut to Gran and i have decided to see this thru." Bowpurity said as he saddled two horses which he rented in town. He helped Trisha up one before getting up on another himself. Turning his horse, he started heading for Mehiah.

Trisha looked at Merrissa for a moment.
"He doesn't go out with people who hero worship him, you know." she adviced.
"Huh?" Merrissa replied.
"Hey! I heard that! Let me get my own girlfriend for once!" Bow said from in front of them.
"No, thank you!" Trisha replied before following him.

The rest of the party uneasily followed them.
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby cheongzewei » Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:25 pm

-------Time skip.-----------------------

The party was traveling thru a thick forest, they returned the horses at Mehiah. The atmosphere is cold and eerie, and Merrissa shivered a bit. Bow and Trisha however, seemed at ease and they led the party to a place where only they know.

"RIght here we are! Here's the circle, it'll teleport us to less then a day travel away from Gran. I strongly suggest you close your eyes. It's Very dizzy and it might hurt your eyes if you have them open when we are teleporting."

And there, on the floor, is a indeed a circle. It's a plain white circle which is partially hidden by the foliage and the lack of sunlight. Being Impatient, Trisha not so gentlied pushed everyone into the circle before jumping in, just for good measure. Bowpurity walked in. "Gran here we go. Close your eyes now."


Bowpurity opened his eyes, and saw white, and blue. He cocked his head to his right. "Eh?"
The reason for his confusion, was, right in front of him, was a field of clouds, and the sun shining above in the blue sky. He looked down, he's standing on clouds. He knelt and touched it. It felt like marble.
"Where are we?" was the first thing everyone said.
"What did you do?" Keladry asked in a shocked voice.
"I have no idea, this hasn't happened before." Bow replied.

Suddenly, music begin playing. It had a weird tune, which sounded like something country.


You managed to get that artifact, you see.
the box indeed.
Your the hero we all wish we could be!

You started from Emil.
Then you traveled a few hundred miles!
You shot an arrow,
Then you sliced him and save us all.

You sliced him up and save us all.

You sliced him up and saved us...
Now you're a Hero.
You managed to ~get the damn thi-ing.
We're happy you made it.
But how are you going to spend the rest of the da-ay?
Maybe get some ice cream.
Maybe reverse time and start again.

Now you're a Hero.
You managed to get the damn thi-ing.
We're happy you made it.
But how are you going to spend the rest of the da-ay?
Maybe get some ice cream.
Maybe reverse time and start again.

Yes it's over now.
We didn't want to make a longer tale.
This is it, I swear it's true.


Now you're a Hero.
You managed to get the damn thi-ing.
We're happy you made it.
But how are you going to spend the rest of this da-ay?
Maybe get some ice cream.
Maybe reverse time and start again."

A sudden burst of light revealed the party standing in another forest.


"Trisha... did i imagine that?"
"No, you did not. Master."
"Guys, did you see that?"
"I'll take that as a yes."


Placing his hands around Ken and Daniel, he pushed them towards a road. "That was odd, but kinda cool as well. Well, we are where we are suppose to be. Let's go."

Merrissa turned to face Trisha. "Does this happen a lot? You don't seem terrible shocked."

Bow and Trisha answered at the same time. "Weird things happen to me/him all the time. All, the time."
Grinning, Bow gave a thumbs up, which she replied with a smile.

"That's quite catchy isn't it?" Bow commented offhandedly, before singing the tune.
"Now your a hero, you managed to get the damn thi-ing. We're happy you made it, but how are you going to spend the rest of the da-ay. Maybe get some ice cream, maybe reverse time and start again. Now your a hero, you managed to get the damn thi-ing. We're happy you made it, but how are you going to spend the rest of the da-ay. Maybe get some ice cream, maybe reverse time and start again."

He hummed the tune continuously for 2 minutes, and as such, no one made an effort to warn him of a left fist that is headed his way.
It made impact with his head, forcing his movements to a stop and his body to kneel, while holding his head.
"Enough already." Trisha cried, as she raised her hand in non-visible fury.

3 hours later at Ridreas temple.
"Shrine Knight Keladry reporting mission success." Keladry said, as she, Daniel, Ken, Merrissa, and Ursi reported in.
Ridreas face openly showed shock, something that is rarely seen. "Amazing work Keladry, i had wondered where you and the beast master went when the representative from Gran came in telling me that no one met him at the gate. And such speed, only 10 days has gone by since i last spoke to you."
"Ma,am?" Keladry asked in surprise.
"I told you to meet up with a representative from Gran at the Northern City Gates, it is rare to miss such a detail, but nevertheless, you completed your mission in one piece, alive. Well done. I am proud of you."
"But.... but...?" Keladry stammered for a while, before recollecting her thoughts and speaking clearly. "Do you know who Bowpurity is?"
"Bowpurity? What an odd name. I would have remembered a name such as that if i heard it before." Ridrea answered.
Keladry looked down in silence, her mind scrambled with thoughts.

Daniel spoke up next. "We were accompanied by a very suspicious person in our travels, a person named Bowpurity... He has a bow which has 2 blades attached to it. He says he lived in a town called Rail. He exorcised a spirit from this girl, Merrissa who was possesed for a number of years. When we encountered LeBeau, he had his heart ripped out, i saw it with my own eyes, yet two days later, we found him in the middle of the road, waiting for us, injurt, but still alive."

Worried, Ridrea asked her next question. "And what of LeBeau?"
"Dead, i sliced him into half." Ken said proudly.
"After Bow changed his clothes into a straight jacket." Merrissa scoffed.
"Elaborate." Ridrea commanded. She sat down while rubbing her head.
"Well... in our journey, Bowpurity separated himself from us, saying he's going to his gold mine. He returned with a staff. It had the power to instantly change the clothes of a person by tapping the person with the staff. It turned Keladrys shield into an invisible one" Daniel replied as Keladry face reddened in anger and embarrassment.
"I see.... " Ridrea replied dubiously as she pointed to Keladrys shield, which is visible in plain sight.
Looking at where she was pointing. Daniel could only say one thing.
"Wasn't it invisible?"

Seeing Daniel stalling, Ursi came up with a logical explanation. "He probably returned it to it's normal state when we were not looking." ("Ah")
"But that isn't all. Just a while ago, we were actually 3 days away from Emil, where he led us into this circle, and brought us to heaven."
"Heaven?" Ridrea asked.
"And then a weird song started playing.... and when it ended, we were in a forest, where after trecking for 3 hours, we reached Emil."
"This song... can you relay it to me?"

Everyone looked around nervously. Daniel sighed and relayed the song lyrics.

Ridrea looked at the group in a odd manner. "If that is so, where is this Bowpurity person whom you speak of?"
Merrissa answered. "He left, he says he helped us to increase the chances of his sister to become a shrine knight. But she didn't want to become a shrine knight anymore. So they left. I find it odd for someone who has lost one arm who wants to become a shrine knight."
Ken scoffed."She's no more his sister, then i am a little kid, that was obviously a magic doll. One that i have not seen before. A dangerous one."
"I thought so at first to. But she is more human then magic doll. No created life can act in such a way." Keladry answered.
"Impossible, she's human, isn't she? Just because she calls him master does not mean she's a magic doll." Merrissa argued back.
"Well it was obvious that her hair was dyed red. But yes, it is curious. i could see life in those eyes. but she's still a magic doll" Ken replied.
"ENOUGH!" Ridrea shouted.

Everyone jumped and stood silent.
"I think you need a vacation. Fighting LeBeau has obviously taken a toll on your spirits. i have fought many magic dolls, it is impossible for them to be truly alive. Maybe you need to get some ice cream. You deserve it for returning the artifact."
Quickly, she hustled them out of the temple, she sat down and continued to do her paperwork. Throwing away a piece of paper, she sorted thru the piles of new recruits. A particular picture of a red haired girl cough her eye, and as she read, it chilled her bones.
It was Trisha's application, and under race it was written Magic Doll and under guardian it was written Bowpurity.

Meanwhile, at a ice cream parlor, operated by ice mages.------------------------------

"Oh hey, Maiden knight of the sun, Child who tamed the beast, Imagine-er of sharp weapons, Summoner of healing wisps, wanderer in life crossroads, Loyal winged steed, Shall you spare a moment of your time to enjoy this rare delicacy that even kings dream that they can enjoy, whom is being prepared by this figure of great wisdom, skill and beauty? Oh, fine maiden, i must insist for seconds!"

Turning, the group looked as Bowpurity greeted them, before addressing the female ice mage, whom blushed before giving him a 2nd scoop of ice cream. Keladry regarded him for a while, before sighing and agreeing, on the condition that he pays.

"Oh, how ye pains me, oh money matters! but thank heavens, for this pain is nummed for it goes to this figure who gives happiness."
The mage blushed again while Bowpurity dropped the 'thou' speech and regarded her with a smile.
"You, are more beautiful then you believe. Trust in life, live for yourself, and dump that stupid boyfriend of yours."
The mage stoped blinked and looked as if to ask a question, but Bow had quickly walked away and motioned the party to where Trisha was sitting down on a bench. He settled down and gave some ice cream to her, which she gladly accepted and started happily enjoying it.

"So yea, mission accomplished. How do you feel?" Bowpurity asked the group.
"Who are you really?" Keladry asked.
"I'm Bowpurity, a traveler. This is the third time i have told you that."
"You know, Ridrea thinks we are insane." Daniel said with a sigh.
Bowpurity laughed loudly. "I love it when the truth is harder to believe then fiction. Trisha, i got another 'Truth break'!"
"Congratulations!" Trisha laughed along.
Bow and Trisha stopped laughing after a while, and the group resumed enjoying their ice cream.

"So, Daniel, there's stuff happening down in Wizard Kingdom?" Bow asked.
"So, i've been thinking, i feel like tagging along, want to join me?"
"No thanks."
"Suit yourself."

Trisha turned her head so fast, a part of her hair was flicked into Bow's face. "Brother, your not thinking of going on another high risk adventure are you?"
"And what if i am?"
"Idiot.... Then i am following."
"Alright.... Routine A?"
"No, Routine B. I don't feel like running."

Bow and Trisha finished their ice cream, and as one, got up at the same time, picked up their packs in the same manner, and walked off. They turned back 3 seconds later, waved goodbye and walked away.


And now, i think i can lay this one to rest. Chapter complete. This post took more then 1.5k words, and 2 hours of fun writing.
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Re: Alteil Roleplay

Postby cheongzewei » Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:47 am

Alternate universe, OWP (original writing production)
Now then, since there was a lack of interests, i decided to just gloss over and end the story, we don't even know what the artifact is. I had a discussion with neviscus where i did a very small parody on the artifact, and just decided to elaborate and post it up.

LeBeau was bored. He had just set up tent and is now waiting for those cursed crest party to come and find him. He hid himself fairly well in the forest, so much so that if anyone happens to find him, they will be in melee range, easy enough for him to kill them without needing to rely on his ground feet spell.
He looked at the box which he had carried for a week now. God damn this accursed thing!
He thought back to the words which was directed to him ages ago.
"You must not look inside the box." lady Annarose said.

Lebeau waited a while more, while his curiosity nagged at him. Finally not being able to handle it, he opened the box and look inside. His eyes curiously looked over the item before he reached inside and pulled it out.
It was a giant key, one which he has never seen the likes of before. It is in the color of gold, and the key had four teeth, two thin ones in the middle and two thick ones at the end. The bow of the key consists primary of three overlapping circles, and gave the impression of a diamond in each circle. In the middle of the lines that makes up the diamonds, there is a small spike, but feeling it, the spike was not sharp and is probably there just for decoration. The oddity was, the key had a keychain, which resembles the old symbol of Refress.

While LeBeau was investigating the key, he did not notice that he now had company.

"The Key!" keladry cried out as she looked at the item in LeBeau's hands.
"The Key!" Ken said as he knows the significance of what LeBeau is holding.
"The key to the heavens!" Ursi exclaimed.
"A key?" Daniel and Merrissa said simultaneously as they do not know what it is.
"HOLY GOWEN! IT HAS A KEYCHAIN!" Exclaimed Bowpurity.

Everyone paused for a while. Turning their heads, they all looked at Bow.
"Look! IT has a KEYCHAIN! A Keychain!" he exclaimed.
The party stared at Bow longer.
"IT........ HAs......... A....... KEYCHAINNNNNnnnnn!" Bow stressed each of his words, still in the state of finding out the truth of the universe. "Do you understand the significance of this? It all fits! It has a keychain! It's the key to the heaven. IT fits! Don't you guys understand?!!"

Everyone sweat dropped and shook their heads, even LeBeau and Shock the pegasus. Seeing this, Bow's euphoria was serverly depleted, and he hung his head.
"Never mind....." he commented.

"Can i kill you now?" LeBeau commented half-heartedly.
With that, the fight started. Keladry rushed at Lebeau with her invisible shield in front of her, and her sword with her right hand. Gripping the key tightly, Lebeau swung the key towards Keladry, but the key bounced off Keladry's shield. He lost his grip on it and the key dropped to the floor. Lebeau then dodged backwards and distanced himself from the female knight, his thoughts more on dodging then picking up the key.
Bowpurity was running towards Lebeau, when he noticed that he dropped the key, picking it up, Bow grinned and decided to test out something he saw in his dream.

'With all my heart, with my thoughts on kindness and helping out and to protect these people i know, take my magic and protect those who are close to me.'
Bowpurity sent his mana towards the key. Feeling something like confirmation, he shifted his grip on the key and drew his hand back.
"With this i cry! STRIKE RAIDD!!!!!!!!!"
To the surprise of all, Bowpurity then threw the key towards Lebeau. It spun in the air like a spinning dagger, with surprising speed.

"IDIOT!" Ken shouted. Keladry was thinking the same thing, but was to busy attacking to cry out.
"Wha?" Daniel cried out at the seemingly stupid move.
Lebeau, who was in mid dodge, did not see the key until it was to late. His last thoughts were 'Shiny thing, headed my way.'

The key smacked LeBeau right in the face with a hurtful sounding smack. LeBeau was rendered unconscious as the key flew up in the air in recoil.
Bowpurity grinned as he held out his right hand, and miraculously, the key fell from the sky and into his hand in a graceful arch.
The party stared in shock at the sudden end of events.
"Wow!" Merrissa said with hearts in her eyes.

Bow smilled even wider. He held the key high and took up a heroic pose.
"That is the power of a Keyblade Master! HAhahahaha!"

Bow stopped laughing instantly though, as the key disappeared from his hand. He stared at his now empty hand and his eye then saw a flash of light which came from Keladry's direction.
Keladry looked in astonishment at the key she now is holding. Wasn't Bowpurity holding it just now?

Bowpurity looked and did the first thing that came to his mind. He dropped to his knees and took a deep breath.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" he cried to the heavens, arms raised as if to strike at whoever was responsible.

Everyone sweat dropped again, even the unconscious LeBeau.
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