Legend of the flying wind.

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Legend of the flying wind.

Postby cheongzewei » Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:10 pm

One shot, had the idea in my mind after seeing a detail that i should have noticed before. 1280 words, two hours and a half. Please leave a comment, if you will.

In the wizard kingdom, the people value magic more then strength. They do not have swords, but they have magic swords. That's no ordinary spear, that's a magically lengthening spear. Ordinary civilians walk faster in a particular area where a song sorceress is practicing at. Normal everyday stuff in a not so normal way. It is here where we see a young girl,probably aged 15 running home as she forgot to take her broom. This is the story of the legend of the flying wind, and the real truth of the events that occurred.

It all started with this particular mage, called Mina. She is a 15 year old mage in training, and as such is not very skilled with her magic. Take note, that while useful, magic is a source of force that is incredibly hard to comprehend. As such, there are the talented ones, and the ones who struggles thru every step of the way. Mina was one of those who struggled.

"I'm worried about this new lesson." Mina said aloud.
"I forgot that today is the first day for flying lessons. I hate that stupid instructor! Making me go back home to take my broom instead of lending me one."
Her eyes was lighted with fury at remembering the humilation. As she got angrier and more determined, she started thinking brave thoughts.
'I know, i shall show them by flying there! It's a very easy spell! I've looked thru the theories, I can just fly there and everyone will look at me in amazement!'

She got on her broom, and showing pure determination and confidence, even when she has never flown before, poured her magic in the broom.
"GO!" She shouted and did a little hop. The broom started levitating and did nothing else. She looked down in annoyance.
"Go! Fly! Accelerate! Take off! Move!" she huffed as she tried to push the broom forward with her legs (she can still reach the ground) but only suceeded in slipping and falling from the broom.

A mage knight of regus happened to be nearby. He walked up to her and offered some helpful advice.
"You have already powered it up, you need to pour more magic into it if you want it to move, seeing that your still young, your magic limit should be small, so pour all your magic into it. Here i'll help."
The mage casted a spell over her and her broom. Since he had an off day, he decided to help out the girl and use more magic then it was necessary into the spell.
"That'll make you faster. Go on, try it now."
Her face brightened up and she thanked him. She got on her broom again, and powered it up.
Within a second though, she had sped up to an incredible speed, and people had to dive away out of her path.
'Ah it's fast, but it's still steerable' was what she was thinking.

Further down the path, a song sorceress whom had her eyes closed was practicing her song, singing it into the air. Hearing some commotion, she opened her eyes and saw a flying object headed her way. In her mind, time slowed down, as her self-preservation insticts took over, she poured all her mana and casted a haste spell. However, instead of casting it towards herself, she accidentally casted it towards the UFO headed her way. Luckily for her though, using all her mana, she fainted, her body dropping to the floor while Mina flew over her. It was dangerously close, but it was still a clean shave.

Mina was relieved that she managed to avoid the person, but now she has another huge problem. She swerved up in order to dodge but now her broom is currently accelerating and picking up even more speed, and she can't control it. Closing her eyes, she prayed to the gods for help. As she passed a lake, two sylphs noticed her presence, and thinking that she likes going fast, decided to help out and casted their magic onto her broom. By this point, Mina had no more breath to scream, but thankfully, due to the mage knight spell, was able to breath.

Wild birds whom were migrating from the wizard kingdom to the solar kingdom was startled as Mina crashed into them.

In the solar kingdom, there is a peaceful unknown town named Salamity. Salamity town is located near the forests, and being a small town, decided to expend by chopping down trees and farming the land near the forests. Unfortunately for them, they have expended a little to much and is now close to the territory of a pair of earth dragons.

On that day, the earth dragons decided to visit the edge of their territory and found Salamity, seeing new food, they decided to attack. People were screaming and running, and some unfortunate peasants got eaten, may God bless their souls. By chance of faith, it was at this location where Mina was headed towards.

So, let's take a look at the situation we have right here. We have two, extremely tall earth dragons attacking the town. Headed towards their direction, still quite a distance away was Mina, whom after getting used to the speed, is figuring out how to maneuver her broom.

Looking in front of her, she instantly noticed the two dragons. While she had only heard about them in stories, she knows beyond any doubt, that right in front of her are two real ones and she's heading directly towards them. What happened next is the retelling from eye witnesses and from my own explanations.

Right before Mina flew in between the earth dragons, she somehow successfully managed to transfer some of her flying spell towards the earth dragons. The earth dragons took one looked at the flying girl, surprised, before they to was raised into the air and followed behind the girl at high speeds. The town folk watched amazed, as the earth dragons literally flew away.

After that, Mina no longer had the strength to hold on to the broom and fell off. Fate however does not neglect those who server her, and she has prepared a lake for Mina to fall in, just for this occasion. Falling with a splash, she attracted the attention of a traveler who had an odd bow and his sister, whom saved her before helping her find her way back to the wizard kingdom. According to the directions of where the earth dragons was flying towards, and the speed that they were moving at, it is highly likely that when the spell wore off, they fell into the ocean, which would surely cause their deaths, as earth dragons can't swim.

The townsfolk, whom was unaware of Mina, and whom only felt a huge wind which blew off the dragons off, gave the event the name. Legend of the flying wind.

When she returned home ten days later, Mina told everyone on what she experienced but no one believed her. She complained to her savior on this fact.
"Life is cruel, and besides, i think fate did more then you at that time. Look around, isn't everything peaceful? Isn't that enough to be thankful for? Besides, your the only person who had such an experience and came out alive! You should be happy and just enjoy life now." was his reply.

And as he said, life went on as normal for Mina. She went back to training in controlling her magic and is still unable to properly control her spells.
The only difference is she now has a small fear of brooms and is currently training to master the flying spell, so that she does not have to rely on a broom again.
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Re: Legend of the flying wind.

Postby Callonia » Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:42 am

Lol, kinda funny I was amused by this XD
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