Request: Saber Saint / Lapierre description text.

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Request: Saber Saint / Lapierre description text.

Postby cheongzewei » Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:25 pm

Well it's the title mainly.

But any other cards which relate to Lapierre which you know, please do list them out.

on a totally unrelated topic, i've been getting 2/3 stars on my single/dual lotto pulls lately, got a zagar for my refress starter... Zagar sucks XD.
and for my gowen, i got fairy dance and a few other 2 stars.
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Re: Request: Saber Saint / Lapierre description text.

Postby Grain » Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:44 pm

Saber Saint / Lapierre
My, my... How unlucky you are to have come across me!
The commander of the Solar Kingdom's cleric army. She is known for calling herself the Saber Saint. She fights with the sword Lantylit, which can only be wielded by the strongest warrior priest. The blade is made of pure light, and changes shape according to its owner's will.

Holy Knight / Lapierre
To arms!
Commander of the Solar Kingdom's Shrine Knights, she leads them to defend the sacred Holy Realm. Her enemies are Belfyna and an army of Magic Dolls from the Duchy of Crest. With the power of Mayleen's key the holy sword Lantylit is unlocked and Lapierre charges into battle!

As you can see, Lapierre is the center of attention, and as such, her name is found in many, many cards' flavor text. Other cards which mention Lapierre include, but are not limited to the following:

2nd Shrine Leader / Shathia
3rd Shrine Leader / Ridrea
Folrart Shrine Knight
Knight of the 1st Shrine
Key to the Holy Realm
Hero's Strike
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