The Angel of Moon and Soul - Noirweiden

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The Angel of Moon and Soul - Noirweiden

Postby azarael » Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:17 pm

Alright, so here's my second attempt at writing a short story about Noirweiden. I finished the first one, hit preview, and found out I wasn't logged in. The story went 'poof'. Here it goes! ;loading


It was midnight in Tadan, a small town located near the Duchy of Crest. An unusually tall girl, who looked around eighteen years old, was walking down the main street of the town, though she curiously made no noise at all as she moved. Her hair was black for the most part, though there were a few patches of silver or grey evident in it, making it seem as if she was plagued by some sickness or magical affliction.

Though the deeply shadowed street was lit only by a few lanterns placed in windowsills and by the light of a crescent moon, the girl carried herself with a great amount of confidence, even though she was walking alone down a dark street in the middle of the night. As she saw one residence with a lit window, she turned to read the sign placed above the doorpost, which signified that this building was an inn.

Taking a few steps forward, she knocked on the solid wooden door of the building lightly, even that slight sound echoing down the still street. A loud crash could be heard coming from the inside of the inn, followed by muffled cursing. Eventually, the door was cracked open only an inch or so, as the owner of the inn waited for the stranger to speak.

"Hello. I've traveled quite a long way, and I'm looking for a place to rest until dawn. How much would it be for a room?" the girl asked politely.

"It's five silver pieces for a room, and an extra five if you want a deadbolt on your door." the man responded, cracking open the door a few more inches, enough for his visitor to see his face.

The price was plainly extortionate; perhaps the man was motivated by greed, as a girl walking alone on the street would surely be desperate for shelter. However, she did not haggle or dispute the price. Instead, she took a gold piece from her pocket and held it in front of the crack in the door with a pale hand, asking "Will this do?"

The man nodded, opening the door and gesturing for her to come in, though the dark-haired female noted that his gesture also seemed to be signaling to men in another part of the room. Nevertheless, she walked in. The owner of the inn quickly shut and locked the door, glancing at a group of bandits on the other side of the room, all of whom were holding knives and staring greedily at the girl. He moved quickly away from the robbers and the girl.

One of the thieves spoke "All righ', give us 'ha 'reasure ya have in yer pocke' and no one ge's hurt!" It was rather apparent to the girl that the man had lost enough teeth that he couldn't pronounce the letter 't' at all, though she doubted that he would know how to use the letter even if he could say it.

She responded in a calm and controlled voice "So sorry, but I need this money to find shelter during my travels. Please calm yourselves." It really should have warned the robbers that she was not helpless.

Following a small pause, the apparent leader of the bandits said with an ugly grin " 'Hen go ge' 'er, men!" After he finished speaking, he and his fellows charged at the girl. She did nothing to protect herself, merely waited as one bandit slit her throat and another drove a dagger into her belly. Despite the harsh treatment, her body did not bleed at all.

After a few seconds, all the wounds that had been inflicted on her healed almost instantaneously as she spoke "I have already given you one warning, this is the second. Get out and leave me alone, and I won't hurt you."

However, the woman's assailants did not heed her warning, proceeding to attack her even more fiercely. Suddenly, a long sword appeared in her right hand, its blade seemingly made of silver. The girl effortlessly cleaved the bandits in half, sending blood flying all around the room, though none hit the girl who had just killed them.

The sword disappeared, its job done. The girl walked silently over to the door, opening it as if to leave. Stopping a moment, she said to the inn owner, who was cowering in one corner of the room, seeming as afraid of her as he had been of the robbers "I'd suggest you lock up for the night."

With that note, she walked out, dropping a pouch on the floor as she left. After she had left, the man cautiously bent over, opening the pouch to find a small mound of gold pieces. He quickly picked it up, putting it on his desk with a surprised look on his face.

He then rushed to the door and looked outside for the girl, perhaps grateful to her for saving his life, perhaps to thank her for the gold, but she was gone.


;a39 -Azarael

(Slight edit for grammar.)
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Re: The Angel of Moon and Soul - Noirweiden

Postby VinegarSoda » Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:37 pm

I loved it. Pretty fancy, if I do say so myself. ;a33
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Re: The Angel of Moon and Soul - Noirweiden

Postby Grain » Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:42 pm

I'm so happy to see my favorite card get her own fan fiction.
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Re: The Angel of Moon and Soul - Noirweiden

Postby Phenoca » Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:56 pm

I would have totally asked for a refund.

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