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Art entry stories.

Postby Spears » Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:35 pm

I designed my character around a backstory so without it some of the details seem a bit odd.
It was later announced that we could only submit a name and the picture so i figured i would chuck a brief backstory and a bit of trivia here to explain it better. Everyone is welcome to add theirs on too.

The Stooping / Lugh Chromain
Once Lugh Lamfada the most senior god to the people of the plains of folart, bowdlerised by the true god church lugh is now little more than a memory, a folktale of faeries and gold.
"The time will come when no one will want gods and goddesses to nurture them, when they will be driven into the darkness as my children have been this day"
Badh the crow at her defeat by Lugh Lamfada

Lugh Lamfada was actually the celtic equivelant of Odin a legendary warrior who fathered the arthurian tales. Christianity took great pains so that Lamfada ( of the long arm for his skill with weapons) became Chromain (stooping) relegated into the role of a fairy craftsman. And, as even the language in which he was venerated has dissapeared, all that is left of the supreme god of the children of the Danu is the distorted form of that name Lugh-Chromain

Hence the gold and knotwork in the picture, the idea behind the setting was a bit terry pratchet that he waits elsewhere in the darkness without sufficient belief to remain in the world.
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Re: Art entry stories.

Postby LoneKnight » Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:48 pm

I like this! I'm probably going to draw something this weekend so I guess I'll now have to submit the "story" here.
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Re: Art entry stories.

Postby kudaotai » Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:01 pm

Oh i didnt notice there's a thread for this, anyway, here's mine (It's a kid's story!):

Soul of Gabilab - Veronero

It is said that an entire Gabilab empire was wiped out in a single night by Allind, the flame emperor. During the tragedy, desperates burning citizens of Gabilab prays for a hero to save them, but it is hopeless. One child, a cursed child who born with red hair and radiate heat around him however survived unscathed, granted with weaponry by Gowen god who heard the prays of the victims, to avenge the people of the empire, thus reclaim the glory of the empire. After 12 years of training and hunt for the flame emperor, he finally found the place, where Allind is waiting for him.

"I've trained for 12 years now, its time for revenge."
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