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Re: Design your OWN 5*!!!

Postby idol » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:23 am

Savin877 wrote:
Romdeau wrote:
idol wrote:*****
Grim: Final Shock
Refess: Lv08

Open:Send target friendly unit of level 7 or above directly to the cemetery, and then, subtract 2 from rival Iczer's LP.

I actually think this is pretty interesting. Wonder if it be worth using? Seems a bit too situational Maybe 3lp? That's quite a shocker.

Thx for the discussion, Im honored :)
But 2 LP can be GG right there, say you just knocked out the last copy of your opponents unit, then it's 3 LP.
No rush file can take 3 LP hit after midgame. So definitly OP, should be more situational, like set Refess to 0.
Hey but good to have a Rush file killer Refess card huh?
Ah... Everything's about MONEY, now that makes much more sense...
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Re: Design your OWN 5*!!!

Postby gabotheplaya » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:36 am

lets give this a shot...

[any sphere] level 9 *****

Great Murdering B@$+@rd / GMB

atk: 90
hp: 100
agi: 1
range: 3

who would set a wisp this turn? [open 5 SP] all enemy units gets max HP = 0
the price [start 0 SP] this unit gets HP - 50% of curent HP
perpetual [auto 2 SP] this unit gets max HP +50 and gets fully healed
a d!ck even in death [close] do damage atk divided by the number of enemy units to all enemy units
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Re: Design your OWN 5*!!!

Postby iambad » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:49 am

level 4 Gowen-Refess- The annoying inverter

At: 10, HP: 30, Def: 30, Agi: 3, Rng : 3, LP: 1
Trait - all action skills by opposing icer must target this unit.
Open - All characters currently on the field are now considered units. All units on the field are now considered characters.
Trait - While this unit is on the field, grimoirs that heal or do damage will have the opposite effect
Close - Send one random card removed from the game to your file, send one random card in rival icers cemetery out of the game.
Action skill(2 sp)- target unit gets attack = max hp, max hp = attack
Soul - For the next three turns open skills are now considered close skills, close skills are now considered open skills.

its not really balanced or anything, but shows some of the things I am looking for in rare cards, it needs to feel unique and open up some new possibilities.
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Re: Design your OWN 5*!!!

Postby Johnjo » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:00 am

Singing Empress

Type: Diva / Royalty

Refess lvl 3, Lawtia lvl3, Gowen lvl3 and Falkow lvl3

hp: 60
at: 40
def: 10
agi: 3
rng: 3
open skill: All friendly diva's start singing and are healed 10hp
start skill: All friendly diva's start singing, get +5at +5def +5max hp and are healed 10hp
auto skill: All friendly diva's get +5at +5def +5max hp and are healed 10hp
action skill 2sp: All friendly diva's get +15at +15def +15max hp and are healed 30hp
action skill 3sp: Do dmg friendly diva x20 to all enemy units.
action skill 1sp: Do dmg friendly diva x20 to target enemy unit.
close skill: conditional use 3 or more friendly diva's on the field, this unit fully recovers hp.

Perfect multhisphere unit to go with the diva's :D
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Re: Design your OWN 5*!!!

Postby Lecaf » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:11 am

Mad Warrior / Zanzan
None / Martial Artist
Gowen Level 2
HP 20
Atk: 40
Rng 1
Agi: 4

Spheres of Influence[Gowen]Lv.4: [HP+10][AT+10]

Close Quarters Combat [Auto]
[conditional use/rank up] Do [damage: 30] to one random enemy unit within range.

Persistence [Trait]
This unit uses 0 [SP] when reviving during [Set Phase: Revive]. This unit cannot be targeted, affected or randomly selected by other cards' send to Cemetery or Return to the Card File effects.

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Re: Design your OWN 5*!!!

Postby Malarious » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:25 am

Duchy's Decree: Banish the Heretics (Grim)
Lawtia: lvl 3
If enemy iczer used a falkow, gowen, or refess grimoire this turn, negate it. Then, increase the attack of target [subtype: Duchy of Crest] by 10.

Yuni's Protection (Grim)
Gowen: lvl 3
All [subtype: Mercenary Nation] units on the field are now immune to Grimoires.

Launch the Inquisition! (Grim)
Refess: lvl 3
All [subtype: True God Church] units gain agility +2, att +20, and rng+1 for this turn. Target [subtype: True God Church] unit is closed at the end of the turn.

The Plan Unfolds (Grim)
Falkow: lvl 3
Return a target level 2 or below unit. Do damage [damage: 30] to target friendly [subtype: Mage Knight] unit and target unit. Then you get LP-1.

Last Hope of Escape
Lvl 4 HP: 40 Att: 20 Def: 10 Agi: 2 LP: 1 RNG: 1

[Open] I will buy as much time as possible SP 0
Next turn this unit gets agi = 5.

[Start] Surprise Maneuvers SP 0
[conditional use: agi = 5] Engage target enemy unit and deal [damage: att] to that unit. This unit gets agi = 2.

[Auto] Their allies as cover SP 0
[Conditional Use/ agi = 2] This unit gets def +5 * [number of enemy units - 1] for this turn. This unit gets agi = 1 and is engaged.

[Action] My life for the kingdom SP 2
This unit gets hp = 0. Then subtract 40 directly from the HP of all enemy units. All cards are engaged.
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Re: Design your OWN 5*!!!

Postby Shadow1798 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:37 am

Cardinal / Silas
Refess Level 3
True God Church / Priest
HP 40 AT 25 DF 0 AG 1 RNG 3

The Sun God's Miracle [Start]
All friendly Refess units get Max HP and HP + the number of friendly [subtype: True God Church] units * 5.

Banishment [Action] [3 SP]
[Conditional use: 100 HP]. Remove target unit from the game. This unit gets MAX HP = 30.
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Re: Design your OWN 5*!!!

Postby elfstone » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:47 am

Romdeau wrote:It's your own unit you're playing Skorn. So minimum 15SP and a copy of one of your big units. It's a pretty significant cost.

And star dragon drains a ton of sp, you wouldn't be able to make effect of this card easily.

no, not a star dragon. But Miracle fruit makes the costs a bit less then a double WHAM with RFA SS. hehehe.. Nice card idol, props.
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Re: Design your OWN 5*!!!

Postby elfstone » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:53 am

Kemious wrote:Avant-garde/ Militnus
Solar Kingdom/Strategist
Refess LV 4
HP 50
Atk: 20
Rng 2
Agi: 4

Open: Let there not be any interference!: All units can not be target by Grims or Soul skills for the next 2 turns

Start: Sue for Peace: Select one friendly unit other than this unit, that unit can not use any Auto or Action skill until end of next turn. Select one any enemy unit, That unit can not use Auto, or Action skill

Close Skill: Failed Assassination Plot (1SP): If there is one or more copies of Militnus in your File. Engage target enemy unit until end of next turn

Nice. Which file does it look for more copies? For this unit, can I suggest it not have any attack and a trait of not being able to alter its stats by any friendly cards?
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Re: Design your OWN 5*!!!

Postby ErnnLaties » Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:11 am

EXODIA -> Level 9 Quad Sphere. Open Skill -> You instantly win the match!
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