A card I think should be in the game

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A card I think should be in the game

Postby snooke66 » Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:02 pm

 I hope I can do this and if I can't some one let me know PM me. Cuz I'm new. 

I was Thinking that alteil or who ever make the cards up make a card like this:

It's from the Refess sphere which is my favorite sphere and the only one I play with. Ok everybody knows that one card that called foraint shied knight is? Well this card will be the lvl3 or what ever is better lvl:2 or 4 verson of this card.I will be so happy if the game made this card or something like this card into a real card In alteil. I want all feedback from everyone and tell me what would make this card better.

* = which means = Or something like this/don't matter if changed. understand ?
Ok e-mass-Sion something like this:

Great foraint shield knight   TYPE:solor kingdom/knight
  LV:3*     HP:60          LP:3  
       AT:10 DF:25 AGI:1 RNG:1

The Only Protecter:
•Soul skill: all units gets DF=0

The Bond Between Man And Shied:
•Start skill: This unit gets DF-5 and all friendly [subtype:solor kingdom] units gets DF+5 for this turn, except this unit.

The Shield Holder's Spirt To The Shield:
•Close skill: All friendly [solor kingdom units] gets DF+10

Ok every I spent alot of time making this up so only reply something that i missed or the "*" spots i put on there put stuff that will make the card better.PM me about me doing this stuff in the future and give ideas u have about making cards up . Bye 
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Re: A card I think should be in the game

Postby Romdeau » Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:08 pm

If you keep doing this, I will ban you for a day. Last warning.
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