What's your best video game related story?

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Re: What's your best video game related story?

Postby Rad!oZonde » Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:52 pm

I was playing metal gear solid 2. Since I already beat the main game [the ended left a mark I'll never forget] I decided to go through the extra missions. So there is this one mode where you had to do a little bit of bomb disposal. I was doing pretty good at it until I came up to one of the last levels in the mode. The whole room was covered, two soldiers were blocking way of two doors that I needed to get through[the sensor detected bombs in that area] . On the other side across from these doors is a soldier walking back and forth behind some glass windows. I decided that it would be best to knock out the two by the two doors without bugging the third right across from them. I line up the shot from a hallway connected to the area and fired. The shot is planted and I'm thinking I can do this level easy with the top score... Until I saw that the bombs the sensor detected were actually strapped to the backs of the two soldiers and when my bullet hit the first soldier he fell back...on top of the bomb.

Then there was the alternate mode in that same area [I think it was to get to a certain spot without getting killed..its been a while]. Once one of the soldiers spotted me [I slipped up pretty bad] he calls it in and I take off to the far end of the hallway [same hallway with the bomb guys from earlier] since I remember the layout like the face of a playing card I figured if I go downstairs and hit the door that I came through 5 minutes ago, I'd be able to get to a safe place. Once I got down there, security was heading in my direction from upstairs. I try the door downstairs thinking I'll be able to fool them again and the whole wheel comes off...[this rarely happens to be exact this is the first time it has ever happened to me] At this time my escape route upstairs was blocked by heavy armored security and the room I was in was pretty small with no place to hide in. Screwed beyond words [I spent a good 7 minutes already in the mission and wasn't really wanting to start all over again] I noticed a small wall right by the door that I could possibly hug up to. They were coming down the stairs and I was as close to that wall as the game engine allowed it. I'll draw up a picture of my unfortunate position.

[the arrows are the direction we were facing and to clear up about the box off to the left, it was some kind of machinery and the game doesn't allow wallhugging on those so yea..]

So as you can see, one of them came down and scooped the place out, since the room is pretty small they just stood in the middle and looked around. I swore I was going to get caught, there was no way I could get out of this without getting riddled by bullets. To my luck, the soldier turned to its right and left the room without knowing I was there just a little bit off to his left. I was left speechless, it was that intense.
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Re: What's your best video game related story?

Postby Grain » Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:09 pm

Once upon a time, when I was playing Runescape (my standards were much lower back then), a total stranger gave me set of fairly rare armor. It was stolen from me days later.
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