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Postby Xovian » Sat Aug 15, 2009 8:35 pm

The first two titles Dead Fantasy and Dead Fantasy 2 were put out quite awhile ago.
I'm surprised the topic hasn't come up here before, so i guess i'll post about it now.
Since some of the newer have been released, thought i'd remind those who may have seen em before.

For those unfamiliar with the series, it pits Square/Square Enix: Final Fantasy characters, vs Team Ninja characters (Dead or Alive and others).

All videos are done by: Monty Oum Monty's site

Dead Fantasy 1:

Dead Fantasy 2:

Dead Fantasy 3:

Dead Fantasy 4:

Dead Fantasy 5:

I linked mostly to Youtube for the videos as they tend to take less time to load. You can watch all 5 (more will be released eventually) at which is where Monty releases his videos first.
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Re: Dead Fantasy

Postby Yamagoku8059 » Sat Aug 15, 2009 10:11 pm

when i saw summoner yuna i was all "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!" but then she didnt summon Anima so i was all sad *sob*
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Re: Dead Fantasy

Postby Phades » Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:12 pm

The animation and rendering he did for these videos is rather good. I've actually seen all of them awhile back. The only real beef i have with the way he is developing the characters is that the DOA team seems far more powerful than the final fantasy team. For example, the kasumi clones wiping out the yuna summons, but then kasumi being able to kill off all the clones alone. Logic would dictate that kasumi didn't need the clones in the first place to defeat Yuna+summons. Hitomi fighting blind and beating the materia out of Tifa??? Advantage versus disadvantage and creating a reversal? Umm, sure whatever... I mean hell tifa barely could handle the no-name ninja who would be weaker than kasumi or her clones... The 6th one should most likely feature Rikku and a bunch of dress sphere changing, assuming his original contest came to the conclusion awhile ago and also assuming he didnt have ADD momenets and lose interest. He does a lot of innovative things and has a good imagination, but as he puts it, he can't force something to be made a certain way and just goes with what is interesting. Although, i'm not really looking forward to the outcome of it, but more the way it will be sequenced, since i already know Rikku is going to lose, unless she has backup from Rinoa.
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