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Postby Rad!oZonde » Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:21 pm

Its about that time of year again![or in my case everyday is that time of year since its really the only other type of game I buy]

List out your favorites!

Here's mine:

Any Castlevania game: I pretty much have all of them, Though my suggestion for newcomers is if you want a casual approach to the series, get one of the GBA games [besides Circle of the Moon] that way once you want a harder experience feel free to go straight into the non rpg games.
Devil May Cry: I just like beating things up in a highly stylized way. Plus the boss fights feel rewarding.
Theresia: A more slow paced, psychological horror game. The artwork is top notch. Be warned though that there will be some parts that you'll get stuck in.
Trapt [or any of the Tecmo Deception games]: You play as a princess accused of killing your father. What do you do?

1. Escape to a abandoned Mansion
2. Gain demonic powers that allows you to set traps
3. Kill enemies that are out for your head with said traps
4. ?????

Very nice game. The story keeps you guessing and the ability to make and use bigger traps are a plus. Think of this game as more of a action/horror/puzzle game and you've got the right idea.
LifeLine: I came by this game purely by chance [appearently form what everyone is saying this is a tough game to find]
Out of every game I had ever played, Lifeline wins it for being the hardest. You don't control the main character with a controller, you use a headset to shout commands at your partner. The voice recognition tech in the game is on the mark most of the time [no voice recognition tech is 100% accurate]. You have to have real patience to get through the entire game.
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