Grinding in RPG's is a thing of the past!

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Re: Grinding in RPG's is a thing of the past!

Postby Phades » Fri Oct 03, 2008 2:37 pm

DanTheTimid wrote:But see, certain frustrating elements such as aiming can be over looked if they aren't the focus of the game and other elements are unique and entertaining enough. Take Portals for instance, its first person, the controls consist of moving around and shooting a portal gun, I'd say Portal has to qualify as an FPS.
You have to be careful when making generalizations like that, since i have seen people argue titles which are clearly RPG games as a FPS or "shooter" games, simply because they can shift the camera view into the first person perspective and proceede to "shoot" things. If in portal the objectives were randomly solved themselves if you were high enough level is what i would be equating that out to. Through direct control you can allieviate some of that style of frustration found within games "normally" refered towards as a "grind". However, this is only one aspect of immersion. Other aspects include plot, world mechanics, and FMV story telling elements. Plot through interactive point and click dialouge is obviously different than a cut scene for example.

Depending on the execution of the overal system involved, it may not be nessacary to require that level of interaction with everything. For example, some action or platformer games have elements of puzzle style games within them, but through acquiring the pieces to solve the puzzle is usually "good enough" to get through that portion of the game since the character "knows what to do with it". Also any game that detracts from the actual aiming mechanic within a game would be closer to something other than a FPS. Action games and simulators have had plenty of first person style shooting options, but the actual number of outcomes when directing the shot is limited either through lockon style mechancis or fixed trajectory options and positioning is the actual gameplay instead of lead, aim, and motion.
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