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Postby luckysvn777 » Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:48 am

Grain wrote:
DanTheTimid wrote:This wouldn't be as big an issue if pokemon was a story rich rpg,

Few look into the world of pokemon very closely.

No education seems to be needed after grade 6. 10 year olds are permitted to live by themselves, and it isn't uncommon to see them traversing through forests, deserts, caves, and other generally dangerous areas completely alone. Despite the high level of technology, there seems to be no high government throughout the regions. Towns govern themselves individually, all the nurses & police officers are related, and people of all regions seem to speak the same language (all pokemon are also able to understand this language).

People devote their entire lives to pokemon. Ten year olds dream of capturing pokemon and training them to battle each other to the point of unconsciousness. Pokemon battles & contests are professional sport. Several evil masterminds have attempted to conquer the world using extremely powerful pokemon.

Children are sent out to capture wild beasts will extraordinary powers. These animals would cetainly be able to dominate mankind if not for their low intelligence. Most rare pokemon, such as Celebi, and some not-so rare, such as Tentacruel, are completely capable of destroying entire cities. Ho-oh is able to resurrect the dead. The existence of humanity seems to be at the mercy of these terrible creatures. A small number of pokemon, such as Team Rocket's Meowth, have proven that Pokemon are capable of developing a level of intelligence on par with humans. Humanity's only protection seems to be the pokemon trainers, breeders, and scientiests who have discovered ways of manipulating these monsters.

Makes ya think, huh?

Few people look into the world of Nintendo closely.

I mean, just look at Mario. The story is literally about an Italian plumber saving a princess from a giant spiked turtle, while eating mushrooms and flowers, killing mushrooms and turtles with his feet only, and rescuing odd looking mushroom men. How odd is that?

Don't even get me started on Kirby...
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Re: Pokemon Trainers

Postby neviscus » Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:37 pm

Me and my brother still have the pokemon games, it was cool cus we had different versions, which brings me to a point, if its one world,how come diamond can catch certain ones pearl can't and vice-versa? something else I thought I would ask about the world is what is the point to someone becoming a gym leader, it not like its a goverment office because I think at least one game has a mayor in a town.

oh well, I like dark types, and am more into pokemon contests
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Re: Pokemon Trainers

Postby gabotheplaya » Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:36 am


i'm a water pokemon fan. hence i chose falkow here.

if you gusy want to discover the future of pokemon *cough* pokemon mmorpg *cough*

i suggest you look for the name "kyro" and the "kyrocorp"

if you find it, you'll thank me. i haven't checked it out for a while because for some reason my 5 water type and rare snorlax team of 6 keeps on losing to lt.surge... now i wonder why that is... hehe. ü

PWO ftw! ü
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