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Postby Demongod » Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:59 pm

This is true. Well, fine, GSD was a bit extreme. (On an aside, Shinn *was* supposed to be the hero...but then people realized that he was just too tunnel-visioned to have the over-arching thought process needed to be a real lead-the-way hero, so they brought back princess Lacus and her knights in shining gundams). But still, things like FFX-2, or, hell, even Gundam 00 (aside from the loss of Anew). Stuff when you get to say "all's well that ends well".

As for harem ending...

So very, very true. Sort of reminds me of the "King of Wishful Thinking" Fate/Stay Night ending (which would have been far more epic, too!)

But yeah, the ending was just stupid. The closest thing it actually reminds me of is the last minute of Zizou's career (aka Zinedine Zidane). Utterly wtfpwnsauce player that more or less was soccer's Peyton Manning...and then ends his career on a red card in the world cup finals.

Similarly: RtfP: Such an amazingly original anime...and then a completely stupid ending.
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