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Re: Gramma Not-See Militants

Postby Akjeil » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:00 pm

hickwarrior wrote:...Well, it's just annoying me, though. I'll still try to read through it.

A valiant sentiment! :D
Spelling, grammar, 'more important bits' that make English less broken...even verbal attempts to reform the former; it seems there is always something to annoy someone. And to be sure, some do it without meaning to, while others are blatant miscreants. It seems to me that voicing concern is reasonable when such things get way out of hand, but also some leniency on the part of those w/ better skills or speaking habits (obviously, unreadable text is more troublesome than traits that merely annoy yet make their point). Of course as DW. and lupos point out, there will be a "Mod Squad", and at least the Admins' text should be Pine-Sol-fresh.

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