Help me Hatch my Eggs!

Help me Hatch my Eggs!

Postby Wintermute » Mon Dec 08, 2008 1:27 pm

Hey guys!

I recently came into possession of two abandoned dragon eggs!

Crazy, huh? The thing is, I'm not big enough to keep them warm enough to hatch. Plus, I have the circulation of a frozen Vampire, so my poor frosty eggs are totally gonna die.

Unless you guys help me, that is. If enough of you transfer some heat to my dragon eggs, I'm sure they'll hatch!

So please, click on each dragon egg below and help them to hatch!

Image Image

Thanks, guys!
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Re: Help me Hatch my Eggs!

Postby SacredGuyver » Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:11 am

Don't forget to get clicks after they hatch. Newborns can die just as eggs can.
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