My Message to the Alteil Community

My Message to the Alteil Community

Postby Grain » Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:02 am

This is for both the Iczers and the staff:

Cheer up!

Life deals us all an awful hand.
Too much pressure and too much pain.
Continuously riding up our behinds.
Driving us all insane.

It gets tough to hang on.
You often feel like letting go.
You don't give a damn about the future,
And all the more tortures it holds.

But if you think about it a little,
Life also makes the pain worth living it.
So instead of cursing at life,
I hope you can try forgiving it.

With every sunset,
Comes a sunrise.
A new ray of hope,
Pleasing to the eyes.

You can only truly appreciate happiness,
By feeling some sadness and pain.
Therefore you should live life
With your mind with an open frame.

It's never going to be easy.
It's never going to go the way you like.
But that shouldn't stop you.
Give the bad times a little more fight.

Because when its all over,
You can claim your gift.
I guarantee whatever it is,
It'll give your spirit a lift.

Everyone wants the same thing.
They all want to live the good life.
With all the joy and happiness you'll ever want.
Isn't that worth a little sacrifice?

So keep your heads up,
And look straight ahead of you.
I had lived through all your pains,
And I'm sure you can survive it too.

by SaintJ
edited by Grain
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