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Postby Phades » Tue Oct 14, 2008 1:53 pm

lupos wrote:Only real comment I have in opposition to what you said is the test to vote issue. There are various other ways we could implement a similar safe guard with out potentially alienating people. One would be a more top down method. Have the candidates fill out a very very very lengthy questionnaire about all there views and intentions. Then make voting a matter of filling out a face book style compatibility quiz. the person who most agrees with the nation wins. Throw in a lie detector for the test taking and BAM, suddenly people can vote without any prior studying up on the subjects if they so choose. Perhaps even allowing them to just opt out on questions they don't understand or know about. The next logical step would be to make it online of course, which leads to security issues. However I don't much trust the electronic systems we have no so it's kind of a wash for me on that.
This isn't a bad start for a system to reform what currently exists. Although i feel that there comes a point when the individual must be at a certain level of compotence in order to make those kinds of decisions for themself. This is similar to the notion of a minimum voting age or re-testing for the privelage to drive.

lupos wrote:Of course if you set it up like that, at what point to we even really need representatives? I mean, they are there because 200+ years ago people couldn't all easily vote on everything that ever happens. Now they theoretically could. Just make it a daily part of the routine. Hope online and fill out a quiz every day like people already do on face book and we don't even need politicians. Though someone has to write the laws out I suppose. Course if they weren't so stuffed with fluff a simple "this is legal/illegal would probably suffice.
This is a good point considering the options available. Assuming you had a compotent and capable body of eligible voters, who act without "too much" self interest invovled. Then create a system where the recorded votes analyze the "minorities" (not just ethnic, but social, educational, religous, geographic, and other factors) involved in relationship to voting patterns and then derive a fail safe to keep it from being the mob mentality being persuaded by mass media, religious leaders, etc to keep it as close to what the individual holds true and honest as possible. The general problem being that not everyone has the actual knowledge of "laws" invovled, which would require at least a certain level of knowledge passed before the individual would be able to participate within such a system. Now, the level of knowledge i am thinking of isn't at the level where each individual should be qualified to be a judge in higher courts or very specific lawyer, but enough so that when an issue arises the individual involved is not as "clueless" as many individuals i have come across who are avid "voters", but only get their information from television ads or other mis-information.

I think at some point though, this nation is going to have to stop being as "soft" as it is in attempting to being "over-inclusive" of everything and everyone. There is only so much any entity can do and being forced to walk the path it has been is causing long term problems to finally come to a head in our generation(s). Assuming the system in place was better than anything i could envision, if that system caused myself to be excluded, then it would be my job to remedy that situation through self improvement or accept it just like anything else in life. This is provided that this exclusion has more to do with my ability to comprehend and think, coupled with my available knowledge, opposed to my social or economic standing. I would argue that currently what we have is a re-invention of the aristocrisy, where only the very wealthy have any hope of being in office and fight to preserve that position of class over time.

The current system fails on many levels, but i only really know what i do from interacting with as many lobbyists and some local representatives through contacts or organizations in relation to a few relatives. Hearing what they have to say, opposed to what is advertised is a rather eye opening experience in private.
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