problems with firefox 3.0

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problems with firefox 3.0

Postby neonsun » Sun Aug 03, 2008 5:51 pm

ok i just installed firefox 3.0 (used to use the just older version)

everything is fine and dandy except that when i access the card file , it seems like its reloading the cards again every time i open a deck !
plus moving around the different "locations" (from file to arena screento folrart screen) takes longer time

Plz look into this when u have time

PS: wtf , the game is running better under iexplorer than under firefox........ plz say it aint so !!!!!!! pretty plz ;P

EDIT: did u do somehting over the week end to the mirage, the back of the cards take longer to load , but they flip faster --> good job (if it snot my browser fixing the game on its own lol)
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