Not Really a Bug...

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Not Really a Bug...

Postby shyster » Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:37 pm

However I cannot seem to login, the window that pops up times out, same with the home page. Are they both down?

Last time when the homepage was down, the launcher still worked.

Regarding Mirage Master is there any news on when its latency issues will be fixed, if they even will be? This morning when the server was still up, I could not even finish a pro game, and by that I mean using all my turns, before time out because of cards flipping animation taking too long, at least two to three seconds each way.

Also in a siimilar line of questioning, any news on the servers in general? They seem to be experiencing substantial downtime or slow down, and there are not even that many people on them, usually not more than 150, or at least so says my top page when I log in.

Are there any plans to make a user side program? That way we would not have to recache the card files each time we relogged in or reloaded the page.
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Re: Not Really a Bug...

Postby Logress » Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:24 pm

Hmm,I know the web guy was trying to implement so new gizmos today, but it didn't seem to be down for long. Since our web site does not seem tobe as reliable as the game, you can always skip the website and go straight to the game server at or just bookmark the window that pops up when you hit Launch.
Right now our game servers seems happy, it's never severely taxed as far as I know, and as for the bandwith goes we're in the same data center as Google's NY servers, so I don't think that's an issue. (no bandwith ceiling,they just charge us more.) I've seen drastic differences in MM performance depending on where I was playing from, what computer and what connection. Our Game Servers have had almost no downtime except for our scheduled maintenance(although for some reason they're grouchy for some time whenever we restart them,which happens Wed mornings). Web site has been plagued by strange software problems, component conflicts and the like but it's getting better and it is totally separate from the game (and can be bypassed).
If you think you're haveing exceptional problems with our sites, message Lupos and tell him about your problem.
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