When did Alteil community get so bad?

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Re: When did Alteil community get so bad?

Postby ZeroX1999 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:58 pm

Wow, I just played a game with a level 140 guy...

> you are not even worthy of this, but I'll do it anyways.
ZeroX1999 > thank you
> Oh I'm not going to make this game go past 10 turns.
> I'm going to surrender by turn 9 if I can't turn this around
ZeroX1999 > i am not surprised
> Thats good.
> Its payment for not allowing me to enjoy a fun file.
ZeroX1999 > I have tried playing files like that too
ZeroX1999 > i don;t always make it either
> Whatever you say.
ZeroX1999> wait
ZeroX1999> did it only hit 2 units?
> it only hits units in range.
> She only has 2 range
ZeroX1999 > ah
> yeah by
> bye

I was playing an EN and got Fierte SS out.

Seriously? Just because the guy is playing a "Fun" file and it fails they have to be @sshats?
I ran a discard deck and sometimes it fails and sometimes it works. Is it META? No. But I still played it out.
I even run a Crest Spy deck with a Dical in it and Ungrant. Most of the time UNgrant dies to SS and other things and I hope to God that my Crest spy can hurt enough LP for my Dical to come clean up. I only have 11 units in that deck and Ungrant is my only hard hitter. I lose a lot with this deck because of its risky nature. But do I go all @sshat on people? No.
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Re: When did Alteil community get so bad?

Postby Peralisc9001 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:22 pm

Ignore and move on.

This thread was started because gon is being a prick and he deserves the reactions he is getting, but doesn't want to accept it neither calm down.
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perhaps until the game is actually improved through change or perhaps forever since there are so damn many other games and better things to do @_@
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