POLL: How many of you want demongod back to the forums? @_@

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Re: POLL: How many of you want demongod back to the forums?

Postby neviscus » Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:49 am

He bypassed the filter quite a number of times. He also had a nack for driving threads off topic. He was also very disrespectful towards members of the community, and even some of the moderators and GMs. I don't know if there were other reasons and that was just things I remembered from his "era". My opinion is this, and I have stated it before (seeing as this thread has been made numerous times throughout the years)

Demongod got a permanent ban. I do not know all of the specifics why, nor do I think I need to know them. However if someone gets a permanent ban, they need to respect that. I am sure he has matured since then. He is better about keeping on topic. He doesn't bypass the filter as much, and when he does it is usually out of anger and flaming users who flame him, (not that this scenario makes it any more acceptable). He is also a bit more mature. However, he refuses to respect his permanent ban, this may be the 6th or 7th time he has returned. For me personally, I don't really have anything against the guy. I just wish he would accept the punishment he got. So all that in mind, my answer would be a no.
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