Let's analyze what each Sphere gets from set 13

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Re: Let's analyze what each Sphere gets from set 13

Postby angelspawns » Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:00 am

I've been wrong before with early claims, like Leopold (thought Rng+1 would ruin refess rushes at the time) I suggested Gravan to get his current counter AND stat distribution for more MHP. Afterwards the counter change is more then enough and better tankingstats would've been OP.. I'm afraid of Myuland, but i simply don't know if it's correct. I would make the same claims if i'd read Inside for the first time...

So it's sometimes hard to predict... the good and the bad. The one thing we can say is that we can't forsee everything before hand. That's when you hold regulair (small) errata's afterwards: to finetune and tweak till you get the desired results. Specially when you release cards that went through with almost 0 testing...
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