Waiting for ye old pricing

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Re: Waiting for ye old pricing

Postby worthing » Sun Oct 06, 2013 11:00 pm

See how much better threads are when all you do is talk about spiderman? Its not too late to change the subject may I remind you.
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Re: Waiting for ye old pricing

Postby Callonia » Sun Oct 06, 2013 11:08 pm

reported wrote:Lol, comparing Westerner dog **** with glorious Japanese game.

Valkyrie Crusade is Singaporean Product, thank you very much.
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Re: Waiting for ye old pricing

Postby Jazzock » Mon Oct 07, 2013 2:08 am

I think all my files are playable in alteil, and most of them are not the normal metas you see running around...so that makes at least 25+ different "playable" files.

Also, remember Hearthstone is opening with 300 cards (basically their set 1? Yell at me if i'm wrong about this :? ). Our set 1 is 100 cards. Of course, I don't know how many cards are coming out later in hearthstone, but alteil is really only getting like 60ish cards/set now, or 180 cards for playsets of everything.

In alteil, rares start at the 3* level, or at least I've always thought of them starting there, making gold packs guaranteed rare at $2.50. I think hearthstone "rares" are probably equivalent to our 3*s, as it's really the 3rd level of rarity (free -> common -> rare -> epic -> legendary). Don't get me wrong, I personally hate gold packs, they're probably overpriced, and always seem to give me crap. I'd rather get 10 normal packs than 6 gold packs.

As for the cost, you have to factor in the speed of release into how easy it will be to get cards. At the rate of 2 sets/year, I'm really against making it 1 pack/day grindable, purely because it's like ~ 25k-26k gran equivalent in total by the time a set comes out...in which case, why would there be any reason to spend on the game? that's >200 dollars equivalent (including bonus gran, its like $210ish). It's pretty stupid to do that. (Note: Complete set of ex is ~ $50 +/-, $150 gets you approx 90-95% of a set currently, so it's nearly 3x of every card)

However, I'd personally like them to outline HOW to get cards in their new models...like FM to buy packs, you get FM by playing in arena, how to get point cards, gran can buy packs too, gran gotten by spending irl money, prebuilts/set releases/ex packs, that kind of thing.

Side note: Refess and Falkow, NOT Refress and Falkrow
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Re: Waiting for ye old pricing

Postby reported » Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:27 am

And then Jazzrock comes in, says that his files are playable, when he literally approves them at this point.

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Re: Waiting for ye old pricing

Postby hexagram » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:26 am

also surprising amount of battles are treasure battles I would guess about a third in folrart

'Don't worry be happy' Bob Marley
Too much negatively be happy and :)

Also new guys Worthings starter replays Remember use starter switcher at lvl10 to get all 4 starters

free player till level 190. If I can do it so can you.
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Re: Waiting for ye old pricing

Postby gabotheplaya » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:15 am

Enters the thread!

OP's post = tryhard attempt to match card prices.

Includes: Hearthstone rates
Excludes: Alteil:Horizons rates
Assumes: Hearthstone is better with no info to back it up

Factors to consider and are overlooked:
- Number of cards total
- Number of cards to be released per set
- Set release frequency
- WTF rarity is even for when things come too easily
- Business model tying in the pricing model
- Is rare in hearthstone > common? because here rarity=/= power as proven by time and we need people who play hearthstone to clarify this

1. It never hurts to ask for more info which OP does and we should all support his thirst for knowledge.
2. We need a comparative on how rarity works into deck building in hearthstone.

I think Hearthstone is a shallow game, but every market is worth targeting... case for reference: HoN being closed to open Strife for the uber casuals.
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Re: Waiting for ye old pricing

Postby wakka9ca » Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:25 am

My impression of Hearthstone so far is that it is quite meh. Nothing too exciting. Definitely fun and playable but not gamebreaking in any way. I would say Hex looks better even though it's an upgraded MTG clone.

Too early to tell.
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Re: Waiting for ye old pricing

Postby Callonia » Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:13 am


You see this certain Knight?
(A link cuz big pic.)

She's a real STAPLE when compared to a "staple" called Folrart Knight Captain.

And I haven't even mentioned the rates, but ya see... see that yellow star in my row of stars on top part of card art? A single yellow star? Yeah that means I got two Arch Knights and evolved them together at least once. And she is my new favorite Dilate Slayer. Dilate slayers is very important to haz. If this arch knight does a dilate slaying move of doom on a target with 0 defense, it'll be 22,697.5 damage. Hurr. But 0 defense doesn't occur unless you play alteil so I see damage around 12k-16k.

And the rates? Yeah they're somehow better than Alteil Lotto of Tears and Anguish. Better rates than Alteil's hyper rarity up lotto of Regret.
And better rates than Gold Boxes of Ragequitting Alteil.

And awesome of all, I yolo'd into unwinnable battle and walked away with SR Aphrodite. I didn't expect to be given a super rare equilivalent of 5* in Alteil in terms of levels of overpowered equal to Falkow and Lawtia combined into a single card of Evil that casts return, Deathmaker, blah blah. Where in Alteil you have to beat up a gold star streak meta abuser with your poor weak starter file that don't stand a snowball's chance in hell if you wanna win that Nice TB.

And what's more, Alteil killed the only file that's capable of punishing almost every abuser under the sun known as GMB just because a couple of baddies can't move beyond the crutch combo of Holy Shield+Death Dragon+Death Maker that gets killed by every Ex lap file out there. Much tears was shed that day.

I'm have even more fun on Valkyrie Crusade than I did on Sword Girls online. Who would've thunk.

Oh and playerbase is fookin' huge. I see people from Japan, Korea, and China plus everyone in English I can tell from the way they name their characters xD Dunno about any other countries but 1.5m players if that is to be trusted is damn huge. That makes my odds in running into someone like Johnjo that always play their damn SP Drain+Orks file astronomically low. Its just that if I run into said person despite 1.5m odds five times in a day I'll refrain from eating anything with bones for a day or leaving the house. Grim Reaper will have to smash my house if he wants at my soul.
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Re: Waiting for ye old pricing

Postby cheongzewei » Tue Oct 08, 2013 2:19 pm

F** lost my post
bah don't care, i'll shorten it

free rarity doesn't exist, these are cards that go to your hand as a result of other cards OR hero powers that are rare.

common= 1,2,3 stars
rare= 4 star
epic = 5 star
legendary = very gimmicky 5 stars

alteil is shallow-er then heartstone. I say this as a personal bias for they consider 'defensive' play as 'anti-fun' leaving only 'aggressive' and 'removal' playstyle in the game.
Also, starting to hate random 'attacks' instead of random card draw.

heartstone dust system= anytime, anyday legendary= TB's 19 legendary and 22 legendary deck.

which is almost totally rubbish.

callonia is having fun with a game that isn't actually a game, but a social time waster.
Why? because you get rewards everywhere. no really. EVERYWHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee

And it's seriously fun. Discovering stuff, going stuff, doing stuff, monitoring stuff is fun.

I take back what i said. VC is a management game (like football manager) instead of a card game, that I find myself enjoying and playing as a guilty pleasure.... for three days straight.
Even though i can get everything for free, I bet there are people out there whom has paid for it, (considering it is an IOS game) and is far happier with their purchase, then my us 150 on ex packs (4,5,6) and Ex:lappierre (didn't manage to get a perfect file for her before heal nerf. F*** heal nerf. you nerf her but not orc king? you ****.)

what else.. oh yea!

Someone was against the idea of giving away 25k-26k gran per 6 months.
4k gran per month. or 133 gran per day or so.

my reply comment went along the lines of:
You may like pay to get cards model, but none of my friends including me are.
Giving money away just gives happy customers that will buy after a long term investment.

Look at how many people came back to cosmic break after they introduced the in game currency to cash system.
and then they left because of insane rate gacha.

i vote for 'give 133 gran per day to those whom grind for it. and let those whom wish to save time, spend money instead.'
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Re: Waiting for ye old pricing

Postby Jazzock » Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:28 pm

cheongzewei wrote:Someone was against the idea of giving away 25k-26k gran per 6 months.
4k gran per month. or 133 gran per day or so.

That was me. It's a stupid business decision to do that, the only people that would spend are people who want playsets of every card in the game. It's like walking into a shop where everything, except one thing, is free. Giving away some is good. Giving away nearly everything is bad.

And alteil "rare" cards do start at 3*.

"Defensive" gameplay being "anti-fun" eh? falkow-Control files play are defensive in general. I know you mean walling, except walling is one of the top files, well, at least before the miffy nerf.

As for getting rewards, that is why I want them to outline HOW we can get cards and rewards in horizons, not exact pricing. I want to know if people will be rewarded for time investment etc. maybe have daily lotto not once/day but like 10-20 times/day (like japan did with some fairly recent event) and more stuff @_@

Side note: I do think orks have some of the most OP support cards.
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