Hirume/Rasam brings out the hate

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Hirume/Rasam brings out the hate

Postby AngelicDeath » Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:05 am

Hi All,

I haven't seen so much venom against a file since perhaps pixies. The funny thing is this file isn't even structured to be that great. I made it for fun. I have a screenshot and the battle url of the match. Rom/Logress you will have to look into and perhaps sanction the offending party. I am fairly sure that homophobic name calling and other rants in the comments section is prohibited by the user end agreement. I have a screenshot as well of the match.

here is the file/replay:

https://alteil-login.apocoplay.com/audi ... 73f5251b17


BTW: ref cits or any form of grim bane negates this type of file completely but some people are just content to complain about everything.
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Re: Hirume/Rasam brings out the hate

Postby Ropey » Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:12 pm

First time I tried her I got the same. Made me feel a little guilty and ask myself how oped she really is. After a few more matches I decided she is just a strong card and can suffer against certain files.

On the whole I think we have a pretty decent and respectful community. I have had very little trouble and most of it from winding up players everyone hates anyway. lol. I insult their files not any perceived ideas of their sexuality I may have.

I thought the replay was funny. I love it when Souls fail so badly. If that was the player who insinuated stuff about your sexual orientation, maybe that is why they reacted so badly? Their start was a comedy of errors, Salamander got resurrected 3 times! Better to insult you and blame the cards than face the reality of their own mistakes. I gotta watch that start again.lol
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