What happened at PAX East?

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What happened at PAX East?

Postby victorre » Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:11 pm

A very belated congratulations to Alteil Horizons on getting featured in the PAX East Megabooth.

How did it go?
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Re: What happened at PAX East?

Postby Ropey » Wed Apr 16, 2014 7:48 pm

Overall, this is one of the best reactions we've ever gotten at a show in terms of individuals getting interested in the game. Our idea was to emphasize the unit tactics elements (like the card's individual action menu) since the card dueling elements were immediately obvious and are currently so prevalent they make up a super-genre at this point -- telling people there is card collecting in Alteil is like telling people that a first-person game involves guns. The key mechanic was the "no randomly drawn hands". Once prospective players thought about how that would change their whole way of thinking about a card dueling game, you could see their eyes light up -- you know, in case you want to tell your friends about Alteil but aren't sure how to sell them on it ;)

I have a question about your competition. While I am sure you closely follow them there is one I have taken an interest in'

Infinity wars.

My initial reaction to the game was very good, but it suffers from "tank rush" While there is a lot of scope for tactics the balance is not to good. Games are reduced to getting as many cards on the board and crushing your opponent. The playing arena is very good visually. The cards themselves are animated and suit my taste as I believe the team is Aussie :D I grew up with Mad Max not Akira. Your game has far more depth and longevity even in it's current classic state.

I was impressed by the community and the way players had been aloud within months to open their own auction houses. The prices I found very, very reasonable.
I hardly needed to buy anything as free cards seemed to come from every direction. Just for signing in I was getting a rare or an epic per week maybe.

They have just started to do star trek cards and I was lucky enough just by sharing a post on FB to win one way before release. Cards here you have to grind for here 5of7 and I have never been lucky enough to win anything here.

Arena normally has around 60 players in, so no problem waiting for a game. The players themselves help with testing and the team are always on hand to answer questions politely. It really does feel like if you choose to you can become involved and be a part.

So my question is this. you expect me to promote this game just by saying "no randomly drawn hands"

I would be very surprised if any stayed here more than a week. I of course write on many game forums and I would love to point people here, but that just ain't gonna happen with the state of things atm. So how do you plan to change things? Or are you content with the way things are and seem always to have been.

I am sorry if this all seems critical and I do see all the positives that you got out of the show, and there seems to be many.

Congrats ;th2
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