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Postby Logress » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:37 am

I know that we have a few players are not comfortable conversing in english. I don't know how many games have full support for Japanese and Chinese characters (well... we really just never turned it off...), but I have noticed a lot of players taking advantage of them on Alteil. It might be one reason we attract asian players who don't necessarily know english well. Also, I know for a fact that many Japanese players have switched from Japanese Alteil to American Alteil. I'm not sure why, maybe for the competition, or maybe just to practice reading english? Anyway, if you're curious and you have asian fonts installed on your computer, you can use google translate to generate some basic phrases, keep them handy in a word document and just cut and paste them into the chat box whenever you have someone who isn't talkative.
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