Is Will O' Wisp too weak?

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Is Will O' Wisp too weak?

Postby DanTheTimid » Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:29 pm

As some of you may know, Will o' Wisp was originally Shade's counter part, providing +2sp on open instead of -2sp. This effect however proved to be too strong for a 1 drop, so strong infact it was being splashed in nearly every deck regardless of clan. In attempt to prevent this from happening in the english version the japanese balance team changed the effect on it for the english release. However, in my opinion its new version is a little too weak. Unlike shade it has no range and barely any speed making it pretty much worthless beyond its open skill, yet its open skill really doesn't do all that much. +10 hp isn't horrible, its just not all that great, especially when you've just put a LP losing liability into your field thats not likely to contribute in a very meaningful way.

Whats more, because it wasn't given at least some sort of similar SP generation, Refess lacks the significant sp generation it was intended to have and kind of needs due to its many high cost units. I really would prefer if they went back and tried to find something more sp generation themed. Maybe make it open skill "Gain + x SP where X equals your Refess Sphere level /2 rounded down." so it'd really only be useful in refess and there it would force you to level your sphere level really fast to really make use of it?

But anyway that's just my thoughts and my experiences with the card so far. What have been your experiences? Have you found it to actually be useful? If so, do you or the players you've seen make good use of it have good win/loss ratios? I believe I have a decent record as a refess player, although not nearly as impressive as it once was at 68-9 I've still won a lot more then I've lost, and one of the first moves I made from the moment the beta went live was remove all the will o' wisps from the deck and replace them with nearly anything else. I've had them played against me numerous times and to date never lost to a refess player who used them. As such I'd be very interested to here if there are any refess players having success and running will o' wisp.
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Re: Is Will O' Wisp too weak?

Postby Grain » Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:32 am

I use Will o' the Wisp as a sacrifice to activate a soul skill.

I also use it's ability to give my higher HP units extra HP, although it only keeps them alive about one extra turn if at all.

If Will o' the Wisp had + 2 SP as an open skill, any yellow Iczer would be able to play a level 4 card on the second turn.
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Re: Is Will O' Wisp too weak?

Postby arkbeetle » Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:43 pm

Well, i combine this card with exploding spores. It does decent damage you know....
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