A lesson in instant karma...

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A lesson in instant karma...

Postby CalebTheWise » Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:38 pm

The following dialogue is genuine. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. This occurred in the Crest Arena.

C-Man> Treasure Battle! Fight hard, babe!
SomeGuy> dam i need that card and u look kinda good
SomeGuy> do u have gowen deck
C-Man> Play and find out. ^_^

(C-Man plays out Haste Soldier on turn 1. SomeGuy plays Combat Monk.)

SomeGuy> that card is in the bag i vener lose against this
C-Man> Oh, confident are we?
SomeGuy> ye sry
C-Man> Don't apologize until you've won. ~_^
SomeGuy> wont be long
SomeGuy> to bad i dont have the richt deck
SomeGuy> blacks better

(Fight goes on. Long story short, C-Man manages to maintain board position until amassing a solid first row, then Vordok comes in and the rest is history.)

SomeGuy> **** i think u win
SomeGuy> there goes my card

(Some Guy now has 1 LP left and a closed Brave Soldier on the field with 2 other Brave Soldiers in the Graveyard.)

SomeGuy> please could u quit i need that card
SomeGuy> i need 3 of m and i got 2
C-Man> sry. ^_^
SomeGuy> cries

People, really... don't enter a match boasting about how you're going to mop the floor with the other guy. Not only is it rude, but you're just begging for the universe to teach you some humility. And really, what do you get from talking like that? If you win, you look like a jerk. If you lose, you look like an idiot. Just don't do it, okay? Not worth the trouble.
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Re: A lesson in instant karma...

Postby Grain » Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:43 pm

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Re: A lesson in instant karma...

Postby Hakuro de Killer » Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:32 am

I think that guy got his just desserts there. You don't ask someone to quit just so you can get a card, even if he was to be polite, which he most certainly was not.

I, personally, am always polite. Just because i am the Dark Gentleman doesn't mean the Dark part has to set in in a game involving someone who doesn't share my taste for Roleplaying during a game. Not many people ever do, so I don't do it so I don't weird people out or give them the wrong impression.

I only require myself to make two posts in the chatbox regardless of whether the person will speak to me or not:

"Good luck to you, sir/madam."
"Good game, sir/madam."

...and that's it if they don't type anything. If they do, I be polite by responding courteously unless the opponent is spewing flaming remarks at me, in which I play along and weird them out and make them feel insecure and guilty. If they're someone like Grain here who I have played against once or twice, I'll start up pleasant conversation about game strategy and make commentary on my own thoughts because my feelings against someone who I have friendly conversation is pretty much as if I was playing across the table with real life friends of mine.

That, dear friends, is how you use proper etiquette when speaking in a game to a friend or a stranger, and how to weird out the garbage that flame you.
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