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Illyasviel's Corner (Collections, rarities and all that!)

Postby Illyasviel » Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:23 pm

Alright, since I like organizing lists and all that, I'm going to be putting a couple lists here. Full collection, results of treasure battles, choices at level up, and all that jag. If anyone else wants to do the same, by all means do so!

Treasure Battles:
-Phoenix (lost)
-Salamander (Won!)
-Lightning Archer (lost)
-Bear-killing Axeman (lost) [What's with all the Gowen?!]
-Undine (Won!) [Yay, not a Gowen card!]
- (Already forgot...) (lost)
-Skeleton Master (Won!) [Yay! A Lawtia card!]
-Priestess of the Holy Weapon (lost)
-Wizard Soldier of Regus (Won!)
-Girl Spectre (lost)
-Succubus (lost)
-Shade (lost)
-Witch (lost)
-Ruby Carbuncle (lost) [It took until level 12 in Folrart before I got a Treasure Battle.]
-Enchanter (lost) 12-08-09
-Sylph (lost) 12-18-09
-Giant Ancient Tortoise (lost) 03-07-10
-Song Sorceress (lost) 05-29-10
-Giant Ork (Won!) 06-19-10
-Priestess of the Holy Weapon (lost) 06-27-10
-Haste Assassin (lost) 07-01-10
-Crest Ranger (lost) 10-01-10
-Crest Mindsoldier (Won!) 10-08-10
-Life Conversion (lost) 10-09-10
-Burning Sun (lost) 10-10-10
-Carrier [Singer of Justice] (lost) 02-20-11

Level Up Rewards:
-to Level 2: Crest Regenerator Knight
-to Level 3: Elite Crest Knight
-to Level 4: Castle Wight
-to Level 5: Archer Scout (In preparation for next Summer of Fun)
-to Level 6: Magic Sword Dual-Wielder
-to Level 7: Revolver Knight
-to Level 8: Soul Bind
-to Level 9: Ignition
-to Level 10: Fairy Dance
-to Level 11: Magic Shade Soldier
-to Level 12: Magic Shade Soldier
-to Level 13: Priestess of the Holy Weapon
-to Level 14: Lion Baron/Zagar
-to Level 15: Inquisition Nun/Cynthia
-to Level 16: Magic Doll -Fencer- [Folrart Knight Captain, Forest Child/Athira, Tempest]
-to Level 17: Pirate King/Dub Rido [Folrart Knight Captain!, Warning Knife, Sword of Mysteries]
-to Level 18: Broken Soldier/XXXX [Folrart Hammer Soldier, Broken Iron Soldier/XXXX, Ancient Mage Pixy, Sorcerer Monk of Regus]
-to Level 19: Lady of the Megiddo/Belfyna [Light Spearwoman, Lady of the Megiddo/Belfyna, Panther Soul, Bog Wyvern]
-to Level 20: Zombie Lord/Zugeteroza [Like the Hand of God, Zombie Lord/Zugeteroza, Falkow Pike, Disjunction]
-to Level 25: [ , Moonlight Assassin,

GM Battles:
-None yet!

Full collection:
Alraune (Winter) x3
Archer Scout x1
Archer Scout (Summer) x3
Bear-killing Axeman x2
Bellydancer/Kurina (Summer) x1
Berserker x2
Blitz Soldier x3
Boomerang Fighter x1
Brave Soldier x2
Charge x3
Combat Monk x4
Der Freischutz x1
Devouring Lizard x1
Devouring Lizard (Halloween) x3
Dryad x2
Dryad Soldier x2
Dual-Wielder Pixy x1
Earth Dragon x2
Efreet x1
EX: Amazon x1
EX: Brave Mercenary/Dilate
EX: Flame of Hatred/Dullin x1
EX: Giant Ork x1
EX: Roar of Courage/Brave x1
EX: Shield Coat/Fierte x1
EX: The Dark Eye/Wabell x2
EX: The Magician/Primrose x1
EX: The Red Mantle/DeFau x2
Exploding Spores x2
Fairy Dance x1
Falkow Pike (April Fool) x1
Feline Kin Fighter x1
Fire and Gaia/Rougeerst x1
Fire Arrow x1
Fire Dragon x1
Fire Storm Wyvern x1
Fire Tornado x1
Gaia Fang x1
Giant Ork x1
Gladiator x1
Gravitational Sphere x1
Gun Princess/Yuni x1
Heierrat Army x1
Heierrat Broadsword Soldier x1
Heierrat Dual Gunslinger x3
Heierrat Spy x1
Highland-born Hunter x2
Ignition x1
Lethal Archer x1
Lightning Archer x3
Lost Magic Doll/Esria x1
Mage Pixy x1
Magic Sword Dual-Wielder x2
Magic Sword Dual-wielder (Winter) x1
Mercenary x3
Miracle Fruit x1
Ork King/Grebados x1
Quick Draw x2
Revolutionary/Leopold x1
Revolver Knight x2
Rifleman Knight x1
Salamander x3
Salamander Soldier x1
Samurai Girl (Halloween) x3
Silver Swordartist/Dyson x1
Smart Ork x1
Strike Samurai/Thunderbolt x1
Strongest Gun/Jack Winston x1
Vicious Phantom/Belltia x2
Volcano Giant x1
Volcano Wyvern x1
Agate Carbuncle x1
Amethyst Carbuncle (Halloween) x2
Ancient Spear Knight x4
Angel Knight/Silverion x1
Armed Citizens x3
Blessed Acolyte x2
Boy Combat Priest x2
Brutal Inquisitor x2
Brutal Mammoth x1
Burning Sun x1
Cait Sith x1
Coatl x1
Cure x2
Cure Light x1
Defensive Maneuvers x1
Disarmament x1
Dispel x1
Dragonrider/Wasseir x1
Elite Folrart Acolyte x3
Emerald Carbuncle x1
EX: 2nd Shrine Leader/Shathia x3
EX: Beneficent Priestess x1
EX: Boy Inquisitor/Cudgel x1
EX: Judge of Heretics/Bardia x1
EX: Red General/Ruby Eater x2
EX: Right-hand Shield/Garfath x1
EX: Light Magic Archer x1
EX: Lion Baron/Zagar x1
EX: Sunlight Knight x2
EX: The Angel's Trumpet x1
Folrart Charge Knight x3
Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier x1
Folrart Flying Cavalry x1
Folrart Guardian (Spring) x2
Folrart Hammer Soldier x1
Folrart Monk x1
Folrart Shield Knight x2
Folrart Slash Knight x2
Folrart Spiked Shield Knight x3
Girl Combat Priest x1
Girl Combat Priest (Valentine's) x2
Griffin x2
Guardian Sphinx x1
Healing Priest x1
High Inquisitor/Fortune x1
Holy Knight/Lapierre x4
Inquisitio Nun/Cynthia x1
Kesaran Pasaran x3
Legendary Unicorn x2
Light Magic Archer x2
Light Spearwoman x1
Lion Baron/Zagar x1
Lion Baron/Zagar (Winter) x2
Lycanthrope [Angel] x1
Lycanthrope [Seraph] (Halloween) x3
Magic Bolt x1
Oversoul (*)
Pegasus x1
Pegasus Knights x1
Phoenix x1
Priestess of the Holy Weapon x3
Raise Shield x3
Rapidshot Magic Archer x1
Red Priestess/Colette x1
Ruby Carbuncle x3
Ruby Carbuncle (Winter) x3
Saber Saint/Lapierre x1
Saber Saint/Lapierre (Summer) x3
Salvation Saint/Pucera x1
Star Dragon x2
Sun and Birth/Weissvogel x1
Sun Tyrant/Gilensa x1
Sunlight Knight x3
Veteran Folrart Paladin x1
White Sage/Kaldrao x1
Will o' the Wisp x2
Will o' The Wisp Soldier x1
Azure Dragon-East/Vordore x1
Battle Mage of Regus x1
Black Cat/Fellana (Halloween) x3
Blue Dragon Mage/Mildoreo x1
Carrier [Singer of Peace] x1
Cursed Runesword Fighter x1
Cursed Siren/Metia (Winter) x2
Cyclone x1
Dead Wing/Volfied x1
Deep Squid x1
Djinn x1
Dragon Path King/Gafc x1
Eagle Soldier x2
Enchanter x1
Enormous Frog x2
EX: Azure Dragon-East/Vordore x1
EX: Evangelical Hymn/Gospel x1
EX: Flash Paladin/Ibert x3
EX: Flight Master/Fomuna x2
EX: Forest Sorceress/Anttila
EX: Magic Dancer/Chiruru x1
EX: Sea Lord/Vonderam x1
EX: Wizard Archer of Regus x1
EX: Wizard Soldier of Regus x1
Expert Sorcerer x1
Flying x1
Freezing x1
Frost Bow Archer x1
Frost Sorceress x1
Giant Ancient Tortoise x1
Harpy x2
Haste Soldier x3
Hunter/Rosa x1
Ice Sorceress x1
Leviathan x2
Lightning Wyvern x1
Mage Knight Fencer/Urgrant x1
Mage Knight of Regus x1
Magic Greatsword Soldier x1
Magic Seal Expert/Mikasha x1
Meaning of Failure x2
Meaning of Failure (Summer) x3
Mermaid Aquamancer x1
Mermaid Captain/Balzelda x1
Mermaid Shield Soldier x1
Mermaid Soldier (Winter) x1
Mermaid Sorceress x1
Mirror Shield Soldier of Regus x1
Owl Sage x1
Pirate King/Dub Rido x1
Proxy of Sea/Oseon x1
Rapidly-Flying Apprentice (Winter) x1
Rapier Fencer of Regus x1
Return x3
Roc x2
Sea and Wind/Bulerigid x1
Sea Serpent x1
Sea Wyvern x1
Sky Staff Sorceress x1
Song Sorceress x3
Sorcerer Guard x3
Sorcerer Guard (Summer) x3
Spell Lancer x1
Swan Cavalier x2
Sword of Glory/Foveontsa x1
Sylph x2
Sylph Sorceress x3
Teleport x1
Tempest x1
Undine x2
Witch x1
Wizard Archer of Regus x2
Wizard Soldier Apprentice x1
Wizard Soldier of Regus x1
3rd Emperor/Joachim x1
Ancient Zombie Lord x1
Angry Mob x3
Animated Dead x5
Assassin x1
Assassin (Winter) x1
Black Assassin/Mulna x3
Black Dragonfly/Francis x1
Black Hound x2
Broken Iron Soldier/XXXX x3
Castle Wight x4
Cemetery Rats x1
Cemetery Rats (Halloween) x1
Command Unit/Violet X2 (Valentine's) x2
Counterattack x1
Crest Devil Knight x1
Crest Greatsword Soldier x1
Crest Mindsoldier x1
Crest Paladin x1
Crest Regenerator Knight x4
Crest Spy x1
Crest Veteran Swordswoman x3
Cursed Armor Knight x1
Cutter of the Cord x1
Dark Emperor/Zu-Jyava (Halloween) x1
Death Dragon/Zangadylan x1
Death's Embrace x3
Devil of the Mask/Folfenac x1
Elder Druid x1
Elite Crest Knight x3
EX: Black Valkyrie Igina x2
EX: Broken Iron Soldier/XXXX x2
EX: Cursed Armor Knight x1
EX: Dance Macabre/Lelein x1
EX: Holy Mother of Blood/Velvet x1
EX: Night Wing Wyvern x1
EX: Nightwalker/Riza x1
EX: Soul Keeper/Phimilliar x2
EX: Virtuoso/Rutina x1
Flesh Recycle x2
Ghost x1
Girl Druid x1
Girl Druid (Halloween) x2
Girl Spectre x5
Girl Spectre (Spring) x2
Invisible Druid x3
Killing Machine/Lebeau x2
Lady of the Megiddo/Belfyna x1
Lich x1
Life Conversion x1
Living Armor x1
Lycanthrope [Fenrir] x2
Lycanthrope [Leonardo] x2
Lycanthrope [Lilith] x3
Lycanthrope [Nue] x1
Mad Priest x4
Magic Doll x3
Magic Doll -Defective- x3
Magic Doll -Exorcist- x1
Magic Doll -Fencer- x2
Magic Doll -Grappler- x1
Magic Doll -Healer- x2
Magic Doll -Heavy Shield- x2
Magic Doll -Melee- x1
Magic Doll -Mobility- x1
Magic Doll -Sniper- x2
Magic Doll -Support- x1
Magic Doll (Summer) x3
Magic Shade Soldier x3
Moon and Soul/Noirweiden x1
Moonlight Assassin x4
Moonlight Warrior x4
New Magic Doll/Astaforse x1
Novice Assassin x2
Observer/Lria x3
Pure Terror x1
Shade x4
Shadow Hound x1
Skeleton Master x3
Skeleton Warrior x3
Soul Bind x3
Soul Keeper/Phimilliar x1
Soul Pact x1
Turn to Dust x2
Undead King/Zugeteroza x1
Veteran Crest Slayer x2
Wounding Sword x1
Zombie Lord/Zugeteroza x1

Card Lottery:
First draw:
Djinn (**)
Efreet (**)
Folrart Spiked Shield Knight (*)
Elder Druid (*)
Enchanter (*)
Folrart Spiked Shield Knight (*)

New Card Lottery:
Ancient Spear Knight (*)
Battle Mage of Regus (*)
Burning Sun (**)
Cemetery Rats (*)
Cutter of the Cord (*)
Freezing (**)
Ghost (*)
Girl Spectre (*)
Invisible Druid (*)
Magic Bolt (*)
Return (*)
Revolver Knight (**)
Roc (*)
Skeleton Warrior (*)
Swan Cavalier (**)
Turn to Dust (*)
Wizard Soldier Apprentice (*)
Proxy of Sea/Oseon (*****) (Whoa!)
Berserker (*)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Haste Soldier (*)
Crest Regenerator Knight (*)
Combat Monk (*)
Mercenary (*)
Mercenary (*)
Meaning of Failure (*)
Crest Regenerator Knight (*)
Mercenary (*)
Lethal Archer (*)
Highland-born Hunter (*)
Pegasus (*)
Mercenary (*)
Armed Citizens (*)
Folrart Flying Cavalry (*)
Folrart Slash Knight (*)
Kesaran Pasaran (*)
Raise Shield (*)
Lightning Archer (*)
Return (*)
Cure (*)
Frost Bow Archer (*)
Magic Shade Soldier (**)
Cure (*)
Exploding Spores (*)
Salamander (*)
Flying (*)
Lycanthrope [Angel] (*)
Armed Citizens (*)
Armed Citizens (*)
Gladiator (*)
Rifleman Knight (*)
Meaning of Failure (*)
Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier (*)
Folrart Slash Knight (*)
Enormous Frog (*)
Pegasus Knights (*)
Life Conversion (*)
Oversoul (*)

New Lottery, Rates Up:
(8, at least one 2-star)

Rarity Up Lotto:
Griffin (*)
Shadow Hound (*)
Disarmament (*)
Gaia Fang (*)

Seasonal Card Lottery:
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Black Cat/Fellana (****)
Archer Scout (**)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Archer Scout (**)
Magic Doll (*)
Archer Scout (**)
Lycanthrope [Seraph] (**)
Archer Scout (**)
Lycanthrope [Seraph] (**)
Archer Scout (**)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Lycanthrope [Seraph] (**)
Archer Scout (**)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Magic Doll (*)
Black Cat/Fellana (****)
Lycanthrope [Seraph] (**)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Magic Doll (*)
Sorcerer Guard (*)

Second Seasonal Lottery:
Saber Saint/Lapierre (***) [Summer set, complete!]
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Lycanthrope [Seraph] (**)
Archer Scout (**)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Archer Scout (**)
Archer Scout (**)
Magic Doll (*)
Djinn (**)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Dark Emperor/Zu-Jyava (*****) [Halloween set, complete!]
Magic Doll (*)
Lycanthrope [Seraph] (**)
Saber Saint/Lapierre (***)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Magic Doll (*)
Lion Baron/Zagar (***)

Third Seasonal Lottery:
Lycanthrope [Seraph] (**)
Magic Doll (*)
Saber Saint/Lapierre (***)
Girl Spectre (*)

Fourth Seasonal Lottery:
Bellydancer/Kurina (***)
Lycanthrope [Seraph] (**)
Archer Scout (**)
Meaning of Failure (*)
Ruby Carbuncle (*)
Ruby Carbuncle (*)
Assassin (**)
Meaning of Failure (*)
Lion Baron/Zagar (***)
Ruby Carbuncle (*)
Folrart Guardian (*)
Girl Spectre (*)
Archer Scout (**)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Lycanthrope [Seraph] (**)
Devouring Lizard (*)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Meaning of Failure (*)
Black Cat/Fellana (****)

Fifth Seasonal Lottery:
Cursed Siren/Metia (***)
Magic Sword Dual-Wielder (**)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Magic Doll (*)
Folrart Guardian (*)
Rapidly-Flying Apprentice (*)
Girl Druid (*)
Samurai Girl (*)
Girl Combat Priest (*)
Girl Combat Priest (*)
Samurai Girl (*)
Girl Druid (*)
Amethyst Carbuncle (**)
Sorcerer Guard (*)
Samurai Girl (*)
Archer Scout (**)
Cursed Siren/Metia (***)
Command Unit/Violet X2 (***)
Alraune (**)
Mermaid Soldier (*)
Ruby Carbuncle (*)

Sixth Seasonal Lottery:
Command Unit/Scarlet Rose (***)
Mermaid Soldier (*)
Samurai Girl (*)
Sky Staff Sorceress (*)
Fire Sorceress/Addition (***)
Archer Scout (**)
Ruby Carbuncle (*)
Dance Macabre/Lelein (***)

Seventh Seasonal Lottery:
Command Unit/Violet X2 (***)
Magic Doll (*)
Ruby Carbuncle (*)
Ruby Carbuncle (*)

April Fool Lottery:
Falkow Pike (***)

EX Lottery:
Flash Paladin/Ibert
Flash Paladin/Ibert
Black Valkyrie/Igina
The Dark Eye/Wabell

Second EX Lottery:

Promotional Cards:
EX Light Magic Archer
Cemetery Rats (Halloween)
Frost Sorceress (Winter)
Dual-Wielder Pixy (Valentine's Day)

Faction Packs:
-First Pack: Magic Dolls
New Magic Doll/Astaforse
Magic Doll -Heavy Shield-
Magic Doll -Grappler-
Magic Doll -Mobility-
Magic Doll -Defective- x2
<agic Doll -Healer- x2
Wounding Sword
Angry Mob
-Second Pack: Magic Dolls
Pure Terror
Magic Doll -Fencer-
Magic Doll -Exorcist-
Magic Doll -Defective- x2
Magic Doll -Sniper- x2
Angry Mob x3

Booster Packs:
First pack: (Set One)
Soul Bind
Elite Crest Knight
Girl Spectre
Combat Monk
Lightning Archer
Second Pack: (Set Two)
Broken Iron Soldier/XXXX
Earth Dragon
Sylph Sorceress
Legendary Unicorn
Soul Pact
Third Pack: (Set Two)
Soul Keeper/Phimilliar (****)
Lycanthrope [Fenrir]
Dryad Soldier
Skeleton Warrior
Wizard Archer of Regus
Fourth Pack: (Set Two)
Broken Iron Soldier/XXXX
Magic Doll -Support-
Sylph Sorceress
Black Hound
Gravitational Sphere
Fifth Pack: (Set Three) [Darn misclicks!]
Star Dragon
Quick Draw
Healing Priest
Novice Assassin
Rapier Fencer of Regus
Sixth Pack: [Set Seven]
Veteran Crest Slayer
Cursed Runesword fighter
Brutal Mammoth
Heierrat Dual Gunslinger
Carrier [Singer of Peace]
Seventh Pack: [Set Seven]
Mage Knight Fencer/Urgrant
Agate Carbuncle
Veteran Crest Slayer
Crest Greatsword Soldier
Heierrat Dual Gunslinger

Booster Boxes:
First box: (Set One)
Strike Samurai/Thunderbolt (My first 5-star card!)
Dragonrider/Wasseir (My first 4-star card!)
Saber Saint/Lapierre
Fire Tornado
Azure Dragon-East/Vordore
Folrart Shield Knight
Light Spearwoman
Guardian Sphinx
Defensive Maneuvers
Mad Priest
Mad Priest
Lycanthrope [Lilith]
Castle Wight
Magic Sword Dual-Wielder
Brave Soldier
Brave Soldier
Fire Storm Wyvern
Swan Cavalier
Expert Sorcerer
Ancient Spear Knight
Boy Combat Priest
Boy Combat Priest
Brutal Inquisitor
Brutal Inquisitor
Blessed Acolyte
Blessed Acolyte
Ruby Carbuncle
Will o' the Wisp
Kesaran Pasaran
Kesaran Pasaran
Raise Shield
Raise Shield
Moonlight Warrior
Skeleton Master
Skeleton Master
Skeleton Master
Skeleton Master
Invisible Druid
Girl Spectre
Girl Spectre
Animated Dead
Animated Dead
Animated Dead
Flesh Recycle
Blitz Soldier
Blitz Soldier
Blitz Soldier
Combat Monk
Lightning Archer
Lightning Archer
Fire Arrow
Sorcerer Guard
Song Sorceress
Song Sorceress
Song Sorceress

Folrart Shield Knight

Five of Seven:
Giant Ancient Tortoise

EX Packs:
-Second Coming of the Angel of Refess
Sun and Birth/Weissvogel
EX: Lion Baron/Zagar
Rapidshot Magic Archer
-Second Coming of the Angel of Lawtia
Moon and Soul/Noirweiden
EX: Broken Iron Soldier/XXXX
Lycanthrope [Leonardo]
-Second Coming of the Angel of Gowen
Fire and Gaia/Rougeerst
EX: The Red Mantle/DeFau
Blitz Soldier
-Second Coming of the Angel of Falkow
Sea and Wind/Bulerigid
EX: Azure Dragon-East/Vordore
Deep Squid
-Champions of Lavato (Refess)
EX: Boy Inquisitor/Cudgel
EX: The Angel's Trumpet
Legendary Unicorn
-Champions of Lavato (Lawtia)
EX: Holy Mother of Blood/Velvet
EX: Virtuoso/Rutina
Magic Doll -Melee-
Black Hound
-Champions of Lavato (Gowen)
EX: Roar of Courage/Brave
EX: The Dark Eye/Wabell
Salamander Soldier
Highland-born Hunter
-Champions of Lavato (Falkow)
EX: Magic Dancer/Chiruru
EX: Flash Paladin/Ibert
Sylph Sorceress
-Faces of War (Refess)
EX: Red General/Ruby Eater
EX: Right-hand Shield/Garfath
Emerald Carbuncle
Folrart Spiked Shield Knight
Priestess of the Holy Weapon
-Faces of War (Lawtia)
EX: Black Valkyrie Igina
EX: Dance Macabre/Lelein
Crest Paladin
Lycanthrope [Fenrir]
Novice Assassin
-Faces of War (Gowen)
EX: Flame of Hatred/Dullin
EX: The Magician/Primrose
Blitz Soldier
Dryad Soldier
Earth Dragon
-Faces of War (Falkow)
EX: Evangelical Hymn/Gospel
EX: Flight Master/Fomuna
Sea Wyvern
Spell Lancer
Wizard Archer of Regus
-Judgment of Refess
High Inquisitor/Fortune
EX: Judge of Heretics/Bardia
Will o' The Wisp Soldier
Light Magic Archer
-Judgment of Lawtia
Death Dragon/Zangadylan
EX: Soul Keeper/Phimilliar
Ancient Zombie Lord
Moonlight Assassin
Girl Druid
-Judgment of Gowen
Lost Magic Doll/Esria
EX: Brave Mercenary/Dilate
Quick Draw
Heierrat Army
-Judgment of Falkow
Mermaid Captain/Balzelda
EX: Sea Lord/Vonderam
Mermaid Aquamancer
Mermaid Sorceress
-Legends of Refess
Holy Knight/Lapierre
EX: 2nd Shrine Leader/Shathia
Folrart Charge Knight
Sunlight Knight
Elite Folrart Acolyte
-Legends of Lawtia
Undead King/Zugeteroza
EX: Nightwalker/Riza
Castle Wight
Crest Devil Knight
Skeleton Warrior
-Legends of Gowen
Gun Princess/Yuni
EX: Shield Coat/Fierte
Volcano Giant
Heierrat Broadsword Soldier
Boomerang Fighter
-Legends of Falkow
Dead Wing/Volfied
EX: Forest Sorceress/Anttila
Ice Sorceress
Magic Greatsword Soldier
Enormous Frog
-Refess Awakening
Sun Tyrant/Gilensa
EX: Sunlight Knight
Priestess of the Holy Weapon
Star Dragon
Folrart Monk
-Lawtia Awakening
Devil of the Mask/Folfenac
EX: Night Wing Wyvern
Magic Doll -Heavy Shield-
Cursed Armor Knight
Living Armor
-Gowen Awakening
Vicious Phantom/Belltia
EX: Amazon
Der Freischutz
Volcano Wyvern
Feline Kin fighter
-Falkow Awakening
Sword of Glory/Foveontsa
EX: Wizard Soldier of Regus
Owl Sage
Mage Knight of Regus
Mermaid Shield Soldier
-Slaves of Batora
Salvation Saint/Pucera
3rd Emperor/Joachim
Dragon Path King/Gafc
-Eyes of Refess
Red Priestess/Colette
White Sage/Kaldrao
Veteran Folrart Paladin
Cait Sith
Cure Light
-Eyes of Lawtis (x3)
Black Assassin/Mulna (x3)
Observer/Lria (x3)
Moonlight Assassin (x3)
Death's Embrace (x3)
Crest Veteran Swordswoman (x3)
-Eyes of Gowen
Silver Swordartist/Dyson
Strongest Gun/Jack Winston
Fire Dragon
Miracle Fruit
Heierrat Dual Gunslinger
-Eyes of Falkow
Blue Dragon Mage/Mildoreo
Magic Seal Expert/Mikasha
Mirror Shield Soldier of Regus
Sea Serpent
-Refess Story of Cassandra
Angel Knight/Silverion
EX: Beneficent Priestess
Light Magic Archer
Folrart Hammer Soldier
Girl Combat Priest
-Lawtia Story of Cassandra
Black Dragonfly/Francis
EX: Cursed Armor Knight
Lycanthrope [Nue]
Crest Spy
-Gowen Story of Cassandra
Ork King/Grebados
EX: Giant Ork
Mage Pixy
Heierrat Spy
Smart Ork
-Falkow Story of Cassandra
EX: Wizard Archer of Regus
Lightning Wyvern
Sky Staff Sorceress


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-Save up for Crow
-Save up for Crest Laboratory
-Save up for Dawn at Folrart [Complete!]
-Save up for Lawtia Card [Complete!]
-Save up for booster box, repeatable [Complete x1!]
-Get Chaoslady/Annarose card x3
-Get Chaoslady/Annarose card, Winter Seasonal Version x3
-Save up for Annarose partner, repeatable
-Save up for all four EX Packs: Second Coming of the Angels [Complete!]
-Save up for all four EX Packs: Champions of Lavato [Complete!]
-Save up for all four EX Packs: Faces of War [Complete!]
-Save up for all four EX Packs: Judgment of the Lost [Complete!]
-Save up for all four EX Packs: Battle for the Holy Realm [Complete!]
-Save up for all four EX Packs: Black Hearted Awakening [Complete!]
-Save up for EX Pack: Batora's Slave [Complete!]
-Save up for all four EX Packs: Eyes of Beltorat [Complete!]
-Save up for all four EX Packs: Story of Cassandra [Complete!]
-Send out for the Charity Postcard Set [Complete!]
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Re: Illyasviel's Corner (Collections, rarities and all that!)

Postby Hakuro de Killer » Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:55 pm

Base Set Cards (in order of number)

BS008 - Dispel x1
BS012 - Light Spearwoman x1
BS016 - Ancient Spear Knight x1
BS019 - Blessed Acolyte x2
BS034 - Assassin x2
BS035 - Elite Crest Knight x1
BS037 - Lycanthrope [Leonardo] x1
BS038 - Lycanthrope [Lilith] x2
BS039 - Castle Wight x2
BS049 - Flesh Recycle x1
BS050 - Turn to Dust x1
BS066 - Blitz Soldier x1
BS095 - Witch x1
BS100 - Return x1

Award Cards

None yet!

*SPECIAL* Seasonal Cards

BS061 - Archer Scout x1

The Beginning (Starter Deck Cards):
BG009 - Ancient Spear Knight x2
BG012 - Blessed Acolyte x2
BG013 - Ruby Carbuncle x2
BG018 - Killing Machine / LeBeau x2
BG019 - Soul Bind x1
BG020 - Assassin x1
BG021 - Elite Crest Knight x1
BG022 - Mad Priest x3
BG023 - Lycanthrope [Leonardo] x1
BG024 - Lycanthrope [Lilith] x2
BG025 - Castle Wight x1
BG026 - Counterattack x1
BG027 - Moonlight Warrior x3
BG028 - Magic Doll x3
BG029 - Skeleton Master x1
BG030 - Crest Regenerator Knight x3
BG031 - Invisible Druid x1
BG032 - Girl Spectre x1
BG033 - Animated Dead x2
BG034 - Shade x3
BG035 - Flesh Recycle x1
BG036 - Turn to Dust x1
BG046 - Bear-Killing Axeman x2
BG047 - Combat Monk x2
BG048 - Ligntning Archer x2
BG062 - Eagle Soldier x2
BG063 - Sorceror Guard x2
BG064 - Haste Soldier x2

Avatar Goodies

-Base Avatars
Lavato Citizen Male
PD Base Male B

Mad Priest Outfit

-Moral Support

Crest Laboratory
Basic Terrain

Black Rimmed Glasses

...and that's all my stuff. My forum Avatar is exactly the same as my avatar in-game.
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Re: Illyasviel's Corner (Collections, rarities and all that!)

Postby teasel » Thu Jul 24, 2008 7:18 am

well got 19 cards so far without spending a dime on gran... can't remember the order but
- On Level up
Harpy * 1
Djinn * 1
Mad Priest * 1
Expert Sorcerer * 1
Aqua Sorcerer Mystere (got at level 5... i remember this since it's the first 3 star cards i got ^_^) * 1
Elite Crest Knight * 1
Castle Wight * 1
Fire Wyvern * 1
Panther Soul * 1 (got at level 10)
- Found in the lottery
Crest Regenerator Knight * 1
Brave Soldier * 1
Lancer * 1
- Won in Treasure Battles
Crest Regenerator Knight * 1
Efreet * 1
Exploding Spores * 1
Boy Combat Priest * 1
Will of the Wisp * 1
Skeleton Master * 1
Eagle Soldier * 1
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