RANT of the day(4): again RETURN card ! lol

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RANT of the day(4): again RETURN card ! lol

Postby neonsun » Sat Aug 02, 2008 9:50 am

It is funny how falkow cant win without that return card !!!!
it is true mustang !! falkow are the best deck and only because they have the return card. it is difficult to actually seperate between a good falkow and a bad falkow user after lvl 10
because all of the have 3 return cards and no amount of combination can solve that .
Each deck has a "great power" ...technically.
So not only was refess nerfed in the english translation , falkow was overpowered !!
now people complain about lebau , and they have the right too but lebau is beatable by many methods , the easiest is to make the opponent miss his lebau. Also lebau can be used by anyone since its a SS.
The return card on the other hand is lvl 3 , so in other words unsuable by other spheres unless the Iczer changes the whole way he plays his deck.

Now sure the witch and the sorcerer (return lvl 2, return<lvl4) are bad but thy are still units on the field so u can deal with that more or less.
Lets remind people that the only spell close to this is a merciless death which is lvl 6 (granted it send the target unit to the graveyard. But lets face it returning a card is v close to sending it to the graveyard. If that reason is not convincing then plz remember that merciless death is a lvl 6 card with 3stars !!!

This is funny and with no disrespect to other ICzers, i have indeed seen more strategy from <lvl 9 players with falkow then above>15 .Obviously i m not talking about every falkow ou there, i ve seen some amazing plays from falkow.

thank you for reading
PS: will gm look into this ?? i sure hope so
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Re: RANT of the day(4): again RETURN card ! lol

Postby Gigantorus » Sat Aug 02, 2008 12:24 pm

http://alteil.com/forum/index.php?f=15& ... =viewtopic

Here is the first discussion I started about Return a long time ago when I noticed how ridiculous it is.
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