RANT of the Day(5): The Game itself !!!!

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Re: RANT of the Day(5): The Game itself !!!!

Postby AnnaTheRed » Mon Aug 04, 2008 1:04 pm

Thank you for understanding. :)
Just like you said, Alteil is a little baby to us, and not a product.
If we pay enough attention and take a good care of it, it'll grow well and make Iczers happy.
If we just leave it alone and ignore the problem, it will poop in diapers and cry, driving Iczers away from it. And we definitely don't want THAT to happen. ;)

Well, one of the reason why we haven't done anything to the level for arena is that we put our ad up in Penny Arcade on July 23rd, and we wanted to see if a lot of people would visit Alteil, start playing and push people out of Crest.
And it's working, but it's working slowly. (and seemed like a lot of people went into Folrart, not knowing that it's a scary place for beginners...)

Alteil is going to Otakon, and that will surely bring people in this weekend and the next week.
But like I mentioned, we aren't just sitting here, and going "Oh well...", so don't worry.

By the way, there are various potions in Shop that give you 2~5 times more exp/FM when you win. (but unfortunately they aren't free.)

Surprisingly, we're getting more people to stay online longer than when we started.
But yes, we know the situation. People are getting sick of dueling the same people over and over.
But just like I wrote above, we're planning on attending Otakon, Gen-Con, and PAX this year. So let's hope that will bring new Iczers in!

Anyway, we really appreciate all your support!

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