My First Tournament Battle

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My First Tournament Battle

Postby Grain » Mon Aug 04, 2008 1:05 am

My first battle was against a level 3 who claimed to have made Alteil.

They opened the game by saying " よろしくです"

At first, I though they were just playing around, so, I said "よろしお願い" right back to them.

The person was able to understand everything I said.

They then told me, "I am a president of GP-coreedge."

The person was able to communicate well with me, but their English wasn't perfect.

We continued to talk about if I liked Alteil, and how I found out about Alteil.

They were surprised when I told them I had played on the Japanese server. (When I spoke to the person in Japanese, they asked if I was Japanese also).

I won't give away their strategy, but, the game lasted longer than the average battle...

I lost.
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Re: My First Tournament Battle

Postby AnnaTheRed » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:07 am


Consider yourself super lucky!

He is, in fact, the president of GP CoreEdge. A.K.A, the man in Lucha Libre mask!
He used be a GM in Japanese Alteil, but he recently retired, and became the president of GP CoreEdge.
He loves anime, such as Gundam (the Origin, of course), Berser, etc, etc... and Lucha Libre!

President of GP CoreEdge. Mr. Miyamoto's blog
And you may see some Japanese GMs playing Alteil in the U.S. server.
Producer of GP CoreEdge, Mr. BeeBee's blog
GP CoreEdge store manager/marketing manager for Alteil, Mr. GoTo's blog, and his assistant Angel B's blog

They are all very nice, and LOVE Alteil, just like you do. So if you happen to duel with them, don't hesitate and chat!


EDIT: How embarrassing. My "LOL" was displayed as "LOL". I changed it to a big smiley.
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