RANT: someone was naughty !!

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Re: RANT: someone was naughty !!

Postby teasel » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:36 pm

That aside, the idea is that in this tournament you can try things out. What do you think every single person who has been playing with nothing but any non-Lawtia starter set? They're going to want to know how the other half lives and they're going to stick 2-3 of them in their soul cards.

actualy i haven't sticked even 1 of them (but did put a copy of dispel... FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!) and it's been lot of fun trying a deck full of 4-5 star cards,there is one thing i don't get... the star system doesn't seems like a good idea for a "try what you want" tourney,you just need to **** up 5 times and you can't tinker around anymore :/
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Re: RANT: someone was naughty !!

Postby shyster » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:53 pm

No that is not entirely true. It was actually one of the questions I asked in the fun in the summer tournament annocement post. The ruling is that once you run out of stars you do "die," however at that point you can just rejoin the tournament, all your previous stats are lost, but you get a fresh start.

That means having you repick your card file again, and having five new stars.

AnnaTheRed wrote:
If you lose all five stars, are you disqualified? - Yep and Nope. You can't fight without star. All you can do is to re-enter the tournament. (Your battle record or the tournament will be wiped once you lose all your stars)

Can you gain stars after losing them all? - Nope. (You can purchase stars for some tournaments for a fee, but not this one)
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Re: RANT: someone was naughty !!

Postby DearestNight » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:06 pm

Hehe. I agree with Logress entirely about Labeau. I still have one as an SC right now, but that's only until I get a certain card I need to replace it. ^^ Recently, I've started using Labeau again as a unit card, and I gotta say....the uses are many. Truth be told, he's even a fantastic way to set off soul cards, if timed right.

As for the earlier Eskatia talk....one rarely cuts it. I can say from experience that the only way one works, is very late game, when a wall of fodder is blocking for her, and by then, the game is probably already decided. Both her and Annarose make you start to appreciate the 0sp revival, and see why it's there, once you have more copies. Eskatia can, and does, run a whole deck if focused around her....but it becomes a trade. Able to toe to toe with Gowen, in exchange for your own kingdom pummeling you. LOL. Against other lawt, who have other cards in place of your extra eskatia and lycan (or two), and tend to set up offense faster, it's rough.

p.s. As I've told some people before, I am male ya know. XD. Ok, so I have more female friends than male, and picked up a lot of feminine communicatory traits, but yeah. Hehehe. ^_^ Though lately, I kinda like being called Night Queen. Has a nice Lawtia feel to it. XD. Now if only I didn't hear Bohemian Rhapsody being sung by Eskatia every time I read that term....
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