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neonsun wrote:for the sake of argumentation :
refess player using dragonrider is usually a player who already has a phoenix on the ground, so technically its a "down cast" where as for gowen its a "up cast" , unless gowen has strategy to summon thunderbolt or fire tornado or go for lvl 9 rank up.

Refess has 5 cards which are lvl 5+ --> raising sphere lvl past lvl 4 is most efficient for refess only , least efficient for lawtia , avrg for gowen dont know about falkow

Also refess is a sp producing deck(passaran ,choir boy priest and easter rabbit)
--> plz note that when this set was released in JP , will o wisp wasn't nerfed yet -->it was another sp producing card

Counterpoint, summoning multiple level 5+ cards is not feasable in normal play. Building for 1 card in that range is (see SP surge and burn references). Having multiple cards that cost 2, but function as (roughly) 5+ cards and adjusting for cost and rank is very economical (can't be shaded/mad priest either and negligible when considering return effects). In a world where assassin as a SS exists, high level cards are too expensive to be used that commonly and games rarely last long enough to really support them.

Easter rabbit requires 3 turns to break even on SP gain and two turns just to get out on the table and is not good enough as an early game or opening unit. KP have too many failings already mentioned. Will - o - wisp is nerfed and does not belong in the discussion. SP->LP sacrifice jumps are not a good thing to rely on for a deck meant to stall and draw out the game longer, in addition to shortening the total usable LP count available. This would be ignoring other cards that also give +1 sp, while producing a useful stall effect. These effects include front end damage, healing, revival, and card recycling on top of having LP options beyond 1 LP.
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