RANT: Mirage master is not playable anymore

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Re: RANT: Mirage master is not playable anymore

Postby shyster » Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:00 pm

I do not disagree with you lupos, or even with censoring to a certain point, however doing something halfassed and trying to pass it off as legit is where I take offense.

Do not that this as an attack on you or anybody on your staff I totally understand the legal ramifications and the fact that a halfass measure is all you really need to get around them.

I standby my earlier point however, that if you are going to censor language you should censor content as well, if we are going to be mute, we might as well be blind too.

However the only thing that determines something is a swear word is because some prude somewhere decided to take offense at it, and then taught their children and others the same values. He\\ is a legit word that can come up in conversation outside of swearing. This is also true with the F* word, although I personally do not like that word it is a legit word with that does not inherently have any negative values.

Now the words I think should be censored are the obvious racial, gender and religious slurs, if only because they are words targeted at offending someone by their sole purpose of use rather than a word that can be used for emphasis or come up in legit conversation.

Also more as just a societal comment, than anything directed at anybody or thing, these parents who take no responsibilty and try to push blame onto others are the ones truely at fault. If you do not want your kid learning bad language lock him in room and never let him out, otherwise they will learn it anywhere they go. I personally know eight year olds who swear worse than sailors, and they picked it up hanging out with other kids their age.

I think I will end it here for now before I really get carried away.
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Re: RANT: Mirage master is not playable anymore

Postby teasel » Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:43 pm

i saw some pretty weird censorship here for example in a thread where someone asked what where the content of the gowen starter it censored "b-elly" what's wrong with that? i mean it's even a card name! in another thread i said "you could s*crew up" again what's wrong with the word ****?
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Re: RANT: Mirage master is not playable anymore

Postby Romdeau » Sat Aug 09, 2008 11:12 pm

The censorship issue that was brought up by teasel is a very valid point. I believe the censor needs to be reformed and updated. If it's editing words like belly and ****, we're saying that we're not even tolerating the PG level language; which is a little extreme.
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