MOST SERIOUS RANT ever: EX cards !!!!!

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Re: MOST SERIOUS RANT ever: EX cards !!!!!

Postby Romdeau » Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:38 pm

I've studied Japanese culture and I believe it was said by Lupos that companies are very responsive to customer pressure. It's interesting that the GM's serve as a middle man extension for the people really in charge-the ones in Japan. I'd very much like to interact directly with them through this site if at all possible to better understand their reasoning behind XXX number of things-be it the EX card pricing or why Refess got the big Nerf Bomb.

What I'm afraid of happening is that customer pressure will direct this game down the wrong path-as in, a number of people complain and the Japanese cave in to whatever their demands are. I am one of the many people that was upset with the EX cards release, but I think we should let up on the pressure some and just watch and see what happens. It may work out or not-it's impossible to please everyone. As far as I can see, many people have bought the EX packs (especially in Folart) and therefore I tend to lose more often because of it.

Another fear I have is that several forum members (including me) may have lit a fire for all free players in Folart to abandon ship. I urge you to HOLD ON and see what happens-the staff are responding and as Castor has said, the cards aren't groundbreaking (except for the Lebeau thing thank god). So let's just wait and see what happens.

The problem as I see it now lies in the ridiculous pool of people that play in Folart. For those who aren't familiar, it's usually a few free players that are ranked 10-15 and the ten 20+ players that choose to purchase cards. I think the problem is clear enough. As I understand, this has been taken note of by the GMs and is being addressed. If something is done about it, the problem's solved and life can go on.

What it all boils down to is the fact that all of us love this game and want to see it succeed otherwise we wouldn't be sitting here posting away and carrying on with our opinions. Let's just have a little faith in the powers that be and weather the storm-this game is just in its infant stages after all.
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Re: MOST SERIOUS RANT ever: EX cards !!!!!

Postby ANIMEniac » Sat Aug 09, 2008 5:01 pm

There will always be people that will buy. Some people have money to spend away, some will take it and get them b/c they want to collect, have for art, strategy, etc. The main idea is, how much can you get people to buy at that price? At 400 Gran each EX pack, i cringe and am reluctant to buy. I already bought one expecting more out of it. I MAY get 1 more if things don't look like it'll change (which it seems like it won't). So basically I may end up spending 800 Gran for these EX. Now if they were down to say 300 Gran? Heck, I would consider getting at least one of each. I go from spending 800 to 1200 Gran from the small price change. Funny how that works. The money I think i saved form the discount ends up covered in the extra I'm willing to buy now.

That's just a simple run down and example.

It was posted before about how expensive this game is compared to RL card games. I have to admit a bit a forgot to look at a complete picture comparing some prices. Booster wise, Alteil is pretty cheap. 5 cards for 150 Gran, or say 10 cards for $3. Pretty good compared to some card games containing 13 cards for $4. For EX, I guess we can say it is similar to singles. Or maybe compare it to a YGO tournament pack ($3-4 for 3 random cards). But singles are sold b/c people want cards that are completely random in packs, or are hard to get. The big difference is the larger player base and the greater emphasis on competitiveness.


Proxy makes great points. We all like the game even if we may complain about it a lot, but that just shows we really care for the game. I just hope we aren't driving people away with them. It just needs to be said that if there are to be more free players, there has to be something more to keep them playing.

I'll throw out the idea of free MMORPGs. Everyone has the same footing and progress almost the same. The people who can purchase/pay for things will get few quirks (nice looking gear, some boosts in leveling/playing, etc). However, it not an overwhelming advantage over others. So if I had to say something about the game, it is more of an Online Card Game, instead of a "Free" Online Card Game. As it is now, it may just as well be like the RL card games I play. In the end, it will lose out to those CCGs b/c there is more for me to gain playing in those tournaments than here.
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Re: MOST SERIOUS RANT ever: EX cards !!!!!

Postby Illyasviel » Sat Aug 09, 2008 5:46 pm

Proxy- Point taken. I think I, like many others, kind of got swept up in "Rant-mania" and took it out on the mods. For that, I feel kind of ashamed. I know the mods want to do what's best, but they have their limitations, too. I'll try to behave a little more in the future. As long as the EX cards are the exception rather than the norm in terms of pricing, and don't come out too often (four months between releases, I'd say. And that'd include regular expansions, as well.)
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Re: MOST SERIOUS RANT ever: EX cards !!!!!

Postby Taikobo » Mon Aug 11, 2008 1:57 am

As someone who has plenty of cash to spend on cards I doubt I'll really be heard on this one(I figured I stopped playing WoW so the $15 monthly I could use here), but I just read through this entire thread, and I had missed a bit of the rant-mania. And while I do agree $4 is steep for the ex packs, I just wanted to thank the mods for handling all the questions so well and not getting too annoyed.

Just wanted to throw out that I'm glad you guys are taking our concerns to the higher-ups. I like the idea of being heard. I suppose we're like the first gen for this game so it's nice helping shape the future of what I hope to be a fun and successful online ccg.
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Re: MOST SERIOUS RANT ever: EX cards !!!!!

Postby neonsun » Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:09 am

WaOW when i started this topic the day EX cards where released i wasnt expecting such a result.
Almost a week later i ve seen many many different answers to this thread. I was also impressed by the speed of our GMs in handling the "angry mob".
This showed 2 things :1 - gms are really serious about the game (i know this is supposed to be normal, but its always comforting when u witness it)
2 - Many players are really into the game and want to stay in the game(if these people were not this involved ,they would ve never reacted this way)

i hope that what happened over the past few days will be a good lesson for the future. However i do fear for the game if another "faux pas" is made, especially that this faux pas could have been easily avoided , no one would have complained if the packs were made available for 3$.

EDIT: MMM it sure is fun and "enjoyable" facing players with 3 gowen angels as the only strategy LOL.... well it seems i m going to have to cough up 8 or 12 dollars to stay competitive .... :( :(

I sure hope expansions are gona get here soon , so they can widen the scope of strategies.

Neonsun out !
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