The tribe has spoken !!!

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The tribe has spoken !!!

Postby neonsun » Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:55 am

So you have heard the opinions of many about those EX-packs, only time will tell if you ll listen.
Also please do not forget that your demographics include players of all ages, funny how some younger players have bought those packs. Also do remember that this same age populations who s always ready to buy mindlessly using their parents credit cards,is the 1st population to move to "newer cooler " things.

The tribe has spoken i sincerely hope u will listen. A few days back i wrote a thread in which we discussed the problems with the game. I remember receiving an inspiring response from the gms of the game. Today i wonder where that spirit went ??

You expect picking up new players?, do u realize that this game has become one of the most expensive free to plays online game?, if not the most expensive Card game ever.
To add "insult to injury" trading between players is not allowed ,making us rely on a shady recycle method(+ all rarity issue problems).

Since u seem to have forgotten things, let me remind you , most of the people that will try this game are either card game players or mmorpg players, and both will find this game much more expensive then any other game they have played. ( its more expensive then euro mmorpgs for god sake !!!). They will play BUT only to reach lvl 10.

To reply to logress or lupos : this is no longer a catch 22 ,this is "the parents dropping the baby" (stabbing is the next step)

The tribe has spoken , and this tribesman is taking a vacation !! i wont be playing this game until next Friday at least , and if things continue on the same path , i ll cut my losses and leave the game. (i m down 20 bucks)

LOL i ll still be in the forums so noooooo your not getting away with it this easy.
Why don't u poll the Iczers about this problem, then again the "real" money grabbing,only profit caring,imps wouldn't want that ,would they ??

Best regards,
Neonsun ;a39

PS:any nice f2p rpgs out there i could try?
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Re: The tribe has spoken !!!

Postby EvilGenius » Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:57 am

Well, I hope you consider coming back so us free players have a chance to compete against more free players. ;a33
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Re: The tribe has spoken !!!

Postby Grain » Fri Aug 08, 2008 3:08 am

I smell groupthink.
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Re: The tribe has spoken !!!

Postby Tenkai » Fri Aug 08, 2008 3:40 am

Well I kinda agree with neosun: I wont play my main account either and just made an alt account to play on the 1-9 arena. After I reached lvl10 on this account I will only play MM (on both accounts) until I get the cards I need. I will only participate in tournys/events and make 1 game each week(both account) to get the 10 gran.

The game right now is only fun in the 1-9 arena. In the 10+ arena you either wait ages to get opponents or you fight the same ones (stacked with powerful cards) again and again...

Atlantica Online CB2 starts today: this game is like a mmorpg with the Final Fantasy battlesystem.
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Re: The tribe has spoken !!!

Postby slashzero » Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:38 am

I do wish you would refrain from the collective connotations... but neonsun and the others bring up a couple good points here. Putting the EX cards in before even the second expansion (which came first in Japan) inserts highly specialized cards into a game where right now there are well defined strategies which are the ones that work the best. A couple cards isn't really going to change that.

There's not even really the possibility of coming up with very many thoughtful combinations--the opening for creativity is just too small right now. Refess doesn't have the early game to counter 5 agi combat Monks along with tank characters, nor does Falkow. In fact right now the Refess and Falkow angels are jokes, along with the highly situational use EX cards. There's really only one good use for the Lawtia angel (I think you can all figure out what it is), and despite popular belief Lawtia has a much better wipe out the field card already for most situations. I just can't see the reasoning behind bringing out the EX cards so early, even if funding is a weighted issue.

These packs just 1. augment existing strategies which are already good (Gowen +2.5, Lawtia +1.5, Falkow +1, Refess +.5 seriously guys rapid shot archer?) and 2. aren't clear to a lot of people that they will have more value later.....when they're probably not for sale anymore.
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Re: The tribe has spoken !!!

Postby erestor » Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:25 am

i would just like to say calm the deuce down. every one is getting all worked up about the cost of these ex cards; they are a little high but it aint like they are all that much. the way everyone looks at it is you are paying $4-rwm [real world money] for two cards +one free. look at it this way, you are buying limited edition cards that are only on sell for two months. every company in the world does this with limited edition produces. if it was decided to set the price any lower everyone would be able to buy them and then what kind of special cards would they be. also everyone is missing something; grain stated it in another thread, ''they are trying to get you to buy gran...'' the gm's want you to buy cards;they want you buy gran; they want you to send them money. remember this game take lots of money to start up and keep running.

so as of right now i am gonna play mirage master until i have enough money in my bank account to buy at least ten bucks of gran and do that at least once a month. and you know what every one is complaining about the lack of people in folrart and so they quit or start over; if everyone is just patient and wait then more people will come. also, i am horrible at this game but i am gonna continue to play even in folrart arena. i might lose every match but that does not bother me because i am having fun. ;attack dash everyone

thank you team; ggg, anna, logress, lupos, and edgar; for all you have done i am eternally grateful
love you all
famous last words: ''trust me, nothing bad will happen...''
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