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Postby slashzero » Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:10 pm

Please say that I'm imagining things.

Helpful hint: Despite what's been thrown around in the EX discussion threads, the EX cards were rebalanced after their initial release for later expansions after they were first sold. To quote Logress:
Like I've said on many occasions, the basic skills for each card are pretty close to the initial Japanese release,
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Re: A few links

Postby Detrian » Fri Aug 08, 2008 7:52 pm

What's your point? A bunch of cards got rebalanced after their initial release including cards in the starter decks and even the starter decks themselves. The topics of what you link are either related to EX packs being too expensive or cards being changed from the originals before release.
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Re: A few links

Postby slashzero » Sat Aug 09, 2008 3:01 am

I'm not talking about the EX cards' specific effects here. I'm stringing together a few points which lead to a conclusion I find a bit unsettling.

First point: The EX cards as introduced right now are not nearly as desirable (unless you play Gowen) or balanced as they would be if they had been introduced after the expansion set coming sometime in the future. I'm not saying something should be done about it, but you can't argue that with over a half-dozen threads dedicated to the topic (with varying levels of complaints and arguing) that it was a smooth execution.

Second point: The EX cards in Japan are being sold in an event celebrating the EX cards coming out in our Alteil. These effects have been changed since their prior release, when they were also sold in a limited time offer. Now then, who decided when we got our EX cards?

Third point: Who decided to introduce a card set during a phase where they wouldn't be as popular or well-received despite that if someone stopped to think about the game this would've all been clear? What possible motives could they have had for this, considering the vast differences between the player bases of the different versions of Alteil? Are we getting sold short?

Those are my concerns, and honestly I hope I'm just over-analyzing the situation. But either way, I think that more care should be taken in the future to make sure we are getting a fun game everyone can enjoy.
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Re: A few links

Postby Fatherwolf » Sat Aug 09, 2008 3:47 am

I will disagree here.
I think you are over analizing the situation. Here why, the EX cards in my mind are actualy very good and add a new layer of complexity to the game. OK, people think there overrated, I disagree, I think most card in any EX pact are a welcome adition to any deck. I play Rafess and i have seen that i can improve my game by buying the EX card. I have also found that the EX card can and will be danced around very often. Your packin a lawtia angel your making invulnerable with def: fine SS assasin, EXDefeu, dispel, or any other number of thing. The point is that the EX card add something to the game which i am glad there is.

Hell, i have heard talk about how Gowen angel is great, What about EX:Azure dragon SS that i think is so good: +10 atk +10 def +1 agi perma.
I think we get plenty for what we spend on I't cost me 5 dollar to get one pack. I spend more than that on candy each day. I do love my sweet! :lol:

The point is that the EX card while not stellar for most people are deeper than what i't seem and i hope to make my white angel sing very soon.
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