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Treasure Hunting

Postby Puny » Fri Aug 08, 2008 5:07 pm

I've been thinking of ways to get cards, since I'm not a pay-to-play kinda guy. Seeing how many of you guys are saying the 10+ is a struggle I'm wondering if this tactic might work. Perhaps just to collect a couple of cards needed to flesh up your deck. As far as I understand you don't gain much exp at all for losing, like 1 or 2.

So if one was to intentionally lose matches were no treasure cards are awarded, and only get the guns out for those treasure games. You could delay the trip into the higher arena, while building your deck or recycling for cards. At about level 6-7 I've gotten a couple of decent cards to help my deck out, so atleast I have okay odds vs the guys grinding up straight kills.

Sure you can go on winning streaks and get cards every game, but your either gonna run outta luck with that free deck of yours, or stumble upon $$decks and you'd have to start winning all over again, gaining to much experience. So anyone doing it, and found it usefull at all? Heh I might even be way out on the exp on loss thing, trashing this tec.
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