Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

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Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

Postby neonsun » Tue Aug 19, 2008 6:41 am

Ok Ok after a mild disappointment with the EX packs and having to travel 3 times over the Atlantic in the last 2 weeks, i decided to get the rant back on !

Today subject : well just to remind our friendly gms that folrart is empty especially around noon gmt time !!
Also i m glad to be back !!!!

PS: any slight shadow of an idea about when we might see an expansion pack ???
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Re: Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

Postby DWildstar » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:22 am

There's not much we can do for Folrart being underpopulated (but it seems to be getting more people every day), but the expansion should be coming around September or October.
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Re: Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

Postby lilithtree » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:28 am

I noticed too that Folrart is pretty dead certain times of the day, but lately noticed more people around. Glad to hear a new expansion is coming up soon. Can't wait!
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Re: Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

Postby Candi » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:51 am

Just need to get some more Crest Graduates up there. I'm on my way! (and I play on and off all day).

And I heard it's coming *before* the EX packs cycle out so I think September is what Logress mumbled about (it's in one of his long posts in the EX Pack Lottery thread).
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Re: Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

Postby neonsun » Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:50 am

its the 2nd time today i try to play !!
no one in folrart to fight against :( i feel sad in my ocean of loneliness !!!! :(

i hope people will come !!!
HAving molerat meat for breakfast lunch and dinner ....Cheers !!!!
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Re: Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

Postby DanTheTimid » Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:21 pm

DWildstar wrote:There's not much we can do for Folrart being underpopulated...

Well perhaps not you guys but the Japanese programmers could, you know, make it worth while to actually play alteil and not just mirage master. I don't know how often I see old friends sign on to my friends list and I'm like "hey so and so is back" then I look and it tells me their playing mirage master. Well they got to get that out of the way but then they'll play right? Then I look again, and they've signed off.

With only the best of the best players being rewarded for playing in actual alteil, for the vast majority of players it seems the only area of the game worth playing currently is mirage master. If there were actual rewards for playing alteil itself, even if your losing more then your winning, we might see alot of these ex-alteil players, now mirage master exclusive players, return to Folrart. And if the arena was filled with more players who previously were getting their butts handed to them every game, now these players with weaker decks or weaker skills have a higher chance of actually playing each other and thus getting more wins and perhaps enjoying the game more.

I mean I've won FAR more then I've lost, my record is still pretty decent, but even I admit that when I run into a string of players whose decks are clearly superior to mine and I get repeatedly trounced the feeling of "wow I just wasted an hour of my life for nothing" is pretty depressing. Some times I shrug it off but some nights I find myself wishing I'd just played my game of mirage master and called it a night.

However if you still got something significant just for playing, even if your losing, the feeling might not be quite as severe. Heck if they don't want to increase the amount of gran thats given out each week then try taking it away from mirage master, maybe cap the amount of gran you can get from mirage master at 10 and make an extra 10 gran available each day for playing alteil itself (maybe a gran per game played, max 10 per day)

So to sum up:
We have enough players who are level 10+, thats not the problem, the problem is for too many of them there's no motivation to play alteil itself when it likely will give them no rewards but mirage master will.
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Re: Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

Postby teasel » Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:44 pm

personaly i have stopped playing often not for challenge or reward reason (altough i'll admit getting an actual reward for playing the actual game instead of the boring memory thing would be better) but because every game started to look the same everytime... i always do my usual kurina opening the player does their usual shade/haste/kurina clash/blessed acolyte (ahahahahah) and every game looks the same...
i can expect the player to pop out moonlight warrior and crest regenerator knight if they opened with shade,sea hunter and schyte soldier if they opened with haste soldier and if they have a gowen deck and their first SS card is a 4-5 star rare i can just push the give up button because it's 100% sure they are packing 3 blitz soldier and there is no way for the gowen starter to beat that guy... i would tell you what happen when you encounter refess but nobody plays refess so...
if i tried to jump to another color i can't because with 4 cards at week i still haven't got enough copy of the good cards that makes the other deck (hell i'm even missing the 1 star commons like the sylphy/undine!)
and no i don't want to give away the rare i earned just to have a chance to build a different deck and have some fun with the game,that should be the job of the japan team
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Re: Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

Postby GunCastor » Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:00 pm

Actually, I've been seeing around 16-18 people in Folrart lately. I play most often in the late afternoon and night time though. In most cases, I get a duel quite fast. Gowen seems to be the most common deck followed by Falkow and then Lawtia. No offense but I'm glad that the number of Lawtia players has gone down, now I don't have to fear the night anymore as well as lost of sp.
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Re: Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

Postby Romdeau » Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:05 pm

I have to admit as well, as low as the numbers have been, Folart has experienced some growth compared to weeks past. It usually doesn't "peak out" at 16-18 players and instead hits 20-22 off and on; it's pretty consistently hovering around 15-18 except for mid-late afternoon when it dips because everyone has lives. I have to say, I've gotten used to fighting in Folart; I know what to expect from whom and sometimes I feel a little disadvantaged because I am unable to change the strategy I use with my Falkow deck (surprisingly done well thus far). So I'm not disadvantaged, maybe it's just a psychological thing.

It'd be nice if I didn't run into DWildStar 3 times in one day and lose every time simply because he's better and my strategy utterly fails in my face against his. Just a minor side cramp though. ;)
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Re: Guess what ? ...The RANT is BACK !!

Postby Justice » Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:37 pm

There's no shame in scooping if you know your deck auto-loses against the opponent's deck.

I play Refess so when I run into *(o.O)(O.o). (level 30+, silver star) and he plays Shade turn 1, I know there's now way I'm surviving a Lawtia deck with 3x Eskatia so I just scoop. :lol:

Edit: *(o.O)(O.o). is #1 on the RP right now!
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