ehy guys i found a translation of the japanese cards

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Re: ehy guys i found a translation of the japanese cards

Postby Candi » Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:36 am

Grain wrote:
Okay, so our cards are like Japan's current cards, but without the added synergy of expansion cards.

This makes me even more excited for the future. :D

No, I think he said:

lupos wrote:The cards as they are now are not how they are in Japan and they are not as they were in Japan.
(emphasis by me)

So our cards are nothing like Japan, it's like Alteil v2 where they pre-balanced the cards. We couldn't really have Japans cards without the synergy because often when errata happens it changes card power to keep on par with all of the other cards out there - or to stop a combo (which nerfs a card or two). So if we had their current errata is possible we would have cards that are useless because they had been nerfed ages ago but it works on Japan because they have tons of sets to work with while we only have one.
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