RANT: tournament price !!!

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Re: RANT: tournament price !!!

Postby Phades » Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:00 pm

Candi wrote:
Phades wrote:
arfort wrote:So right now there are 12 people actually in, 10 that dropped... probably someone "reloading" his deck a bunch of time until something decent came up. It's virtually impossible to get into a game with so few people in the tourny.

Sounds like so far the "top 3" players are going to be the ones that actually get in some games with wins, opposed to having an unreachable streak. This could change after 5pm friday though, when people have more free time, assuming they were interested in the first place.

I duno first guy I played had a startlingly strong deck, and was on a 3 win streak when he beat me. o.o

Well among only 12 people, they can't all win all the time. One would pull out ahead, but it wouldn't be like the previous tournament at all where if they started late, it would be difficult to catch up.
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