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Re: He who spends, wins

Postby jasta85 » Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:14 pm

ok, i'm going to agree with this topic as i just fought a rather skillful lawatia player with my falkow deck. he brought out eskatia as his second card which i half expected as i saw many eskatias before, but i managed to return it and kill off the lycanthropes and other small units pretty fast. then he brought out the chaos ogre (a 3 star that i have only been able to get 1 of after buying 3 boxes and numerous booster packs), and did a very good job of smearing my army with it, finally he brought out the lawatia dragon emperor, i managed to kill it twice, however whenever it closes it does 50% of its AT (its AT is 100) to all units. It wiped out my whole army two times and he brought it back a 3rd time! after that i just had 1 magical sickle soldier left and he quickly got squashed, i might have won if i had had just one other unit out on the field.

but anyway, this guy had eskatia (not sure how many as i only returned the first he brought out and he didnt bring it out again), 3 choas ogres AND 3 lawatia dragon emperors. these are all pretty hard to get (especially the dragon emperor) and i will say if he had not bought that 3rd dragon emperor i might have been able to beat him.

so, i am going to say that if you spend more, you dont neccessarily always win, but your chances go up a helluva lot more than those who dont.
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