Lycanthrope [Fenrir] - Overpowered?

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Re: Lycanthrope [Fenrir] - Overpowered?

Postby Souldier » Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:18 pm

He was doing enough damage alright! At least 70 a turn from Wolfie and the Moonlight Warrior combined, that's enough to kill at least one unit. And as for hitting other things, I've explained that above. He only plays what's necessary to the strategy, so the only thing that really gets hit is his front line... of EVIL! (tm) I don't think mass damage SS's would work either; Warrior would shrugh them off and Wolfie would just revive.
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Re: Lycanthrope [Fenrir] - Overpowered?

Postby Porky » Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:45 pm

Weisser as first ss! Wolfie counters gowen which is good! too many gowen players. you can also try super spore! someone used something that made the spore 50hp i think=/ its some soul card +40hp max etc.

mmm what's velraat's ss? there isnt much a gowen can do against infinite night from non eskatia decks=/
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Re: Lycanthrope [Fenrir] - Overpowered?

Postby Grain » Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:22 pm

Porky wrote:mmm what's velraat's ss? there isnt much a gowen can do against infinite night from non eskatia decks=/
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Re: Lycanthrope [Fenrir] - Overpowered?

Postby ANIMEniac » Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:27 am

I really enjoy hearing about how people really work out the deck and souls to create such a great machine. It sure is hell of a lot more interesting than seeing *insert 2x 30 and 2x 40 or 3x 30 soul card here* constantly triggering.

I love Fenrir just as much as the next Lawt player. He is what Brave Soul was to Gowen. He will be just as predictable, but still a beast to deal with. One flaw in that deck I can possibly see is how fast he loses life due to the weenies dying. Also, his main attack will only be Fenrir, so able to get something that will stop him will ruin the turn. I can see mostly Lawt having the best advantage b/c of recycle. Removal can help, but then again, Fenrir is just a 2drop, easy to bring out.
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Re: Lycanthrope [Fenrir] - Overpowered?

Postby Phades » Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:04 am

Souldier wrote:... I think he had enough SP for the other new Lyco (called Scylia or something). Anywho, Succy died, revealing... Solar Prince / Vellart! So he got his Succy back, one more SP for reviving stuff, along with the SP from Succy's death. You might be thinking: this would be the perfect time to kill his units, except Wolfie killed all my precious, front-range Gowen manly men!

Well, it sounds like targeted damage is really the only way around this or damage enmass making the timing of the deaths awkward. A brave soldier/panther soul slash fits, but can't last for obvious reasons. Magic weapon'd earth dragon puts out enough pain, but it isn't focused enough and is slower than fenrir without something like rapid growth or panther soul and the latter is kinda a waste. I suppose you could go the opposite direction and use gravitational sphere and put everyone at the same pace, but that can backfire too. Of course if you could setup something expendable in the front row, like exploding spores to take the 5agl hit and have the "real" front row reside behind the sacrifice that might be a better tactic.

If you could isolate fenrir then it wouldn't be so bad, but the issue is that it is easier said than done obviously. I was going to suggest the devouring lizard as well, for the gulpling jaws to auto target fenrir, but that is just trading 1sp for 1sp without additional support pressure involved. Combining that with the spores fake tank and a salamander open skill would force 2 revives, but that is a SP hole too unfortunately. Salamander soldier would be a better option for that, but it would probably take too long to get setup against that kind of pressure.
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