miracles do happen!

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miracles do happen!

Postby jasta85 » Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:52 am

ok, with a few exceptions (such as the release of set 2) i usually dont pay cash for gran, i play MM and get my 10 gran a day, and about every week and a half i buy a boster pack.

today was the day i bought my booster pack and O M G i could not beleive what happened.

booster 1: Flame Emperor / Allind and 4 falkow cards (2 of which were actually useful to me). i have never gotten a 5 star card from a booster pack so this was a huge suprise. i thought about keeping it but i dont play gowen and dont plan to and its SS isnt all that great, so i recycled it and the 2 extra cards i didnt need (alreay had 3 of each) and now i had enough gran for 2 more boosters.

booster 2: Swan Swordswoman / Alna and a couple other low level cards (1 of which i actually wanted). wow, recycled a 5 star i didnt need and now i got a 4 star which i can actually use. i dont have any more of her but her SS is VERY nice (considering i dont have any other card that does damage to multiple units aside from the set 1 column and row damage cards), definitly gonna see action just because of that. recycled the 3 cards i didnt need and bought another booster.

booster 3: No 4 or 5 star cards BUT i got a Chaos Ogre / Dalos along with 1 other minor card that was useful. I only had 1 of dalos up until now so now that i have 2 i might be able to start using him soon. i bought 2 boxes when set 2 came out and in those i only got 1 dalos so it was about time i got another.

So after it's all said and done, i have 2 very nice cards which i have longed for plus a number of minor ones which are useful. after recycling the cards i have no need of i am also half way to buying my next booster. all of this from my gran earned from MM. i'm tempted to buy some gran since this seems to be a special day in terms of getting good cards. but anyway, i have learened my lesson, i have bought probably 10 booster packs prior to today without much luck (i think i only for three 4 star cards and no 5 stars from those 10 packs). but apparently miracles do happen on occassion and you can get decent cards without having to spend tons of money on boxes.
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Re: miracles do happen!

Postby kitsunekit » Sun Sep 21, 2008 2:33 am

wow, nice packs. I usually never recycle though as I almost always regret it afterwards...
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Re: miracles do happen!

Postby Porky » Sun Sep 21, 2008 3:07 am

Set 2 boosters may indeed be a better buy than anything else, put $100 into set 1 boxes yesterday didn't get a single card i wanted, recycled most things and bought set 2 booster packs and got quite a few decent cards to run alternate decks. If you only want 3 stars I'd say boosters the way to go as Boxes give way too much unwanted stuff.
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