Dragon Emperor's Squire Review

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Dragon Emperor's Squire Review

Postby ANIMEniac » Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:15 pm

Hope everyone had a great time playing in the tournament, both competitively and experimental. There were many "Behemoth" (High level units) type decks floating around. Were the Behemoth decks powerful? or were people just hoping to try them out?

LAWT was also very popular with Endless night + Fenrir. LAWT, IMO, has a good match up against Behemoths b/c of SP drain, Dalos, and Corruption. That and Endless night + Fenrir is such a powerful low cost combination.

My first sets of matches were with a deck using Soul Keeper / Phim. It was a card I've wanted to try. Of course with a card like that, I had to use Endless Night. A never dying lycan was perfect to offset her negative effect, which ultimately costs me 1 SP. Of course, if Endless Night falls, I can be in trouble. Out early she was quite a monster, nearing the 100 damage range. Even near end, she still packs quite a punch and is still good with a Counter. After about a 8-3 run, I decided to change to a different deck.

Seeing as how I'm such a glutton for pain, i thought it'd be a good chance to try Refress! Yes, Refress in a meta full of Behemoths and Endless nights...
First things on the list were Verlaat and Lycan [Angel] followed by Sun and Birth / Wiessvogel. I also wanted to try Ernst. Packed my prefered Soul type line up and went off. No surprise to say that I was stomped rather harshly unable to stop Behemoths. Refress can't slow them down or pound them hard enough. So after a few rounds of severe beatings, I was about to give up. With my fellow Iczers in the chat, we began to try to figure out some possible solutions:

How to slow Behemoths with Refress?
How to handle tough units on field?
How to handle a rush?

During my matches so far, I ran into a very much overlooked card for a Soul, Broken Soldier / XXXX from Set 2. His Soul effect is both iczers SP=0. Oh noes!! All that beating much have made me crazy?!?! Man, I was crazy for not thinking about using this hidden gem before. With the way my deck was set up, I really did not need SP that badly. And anyone playing Behemoths would suffer from the SP lost after playing their +4 SP Grims, especially those greedy types who horde up to 14+ SP waiting for you to hit their first two +3 sphere souls XD. For any other deck, it can be a hindernce in a timely manner. You use all you can, they can lose more if they saved or just had creatures cleared from field.

So we got a way to slow Behemoths and annoy some decks. How do we handle them later on? Behemoth's weakness is removal. Losing a big creature means a 4-5 turn set back. And they probably don't have much to fill the open field till then. So of course we work in those Assassin Souls. Assassin Souls are great with the ability to remove their creature but also one of yours. Why is that good? You can play lvl 1 units to give a buff and use them for Assassin's Soul. That is one less LP liability to worry about later.

Ok, now how do we handle rush? Well, this question wasn't such a great concern, but ended up as something that gets solved in the process. I had to find a way to trigger my 1st Soul, the XXXX, if the opponent is playing Behemoths. Most of the time they play 1 unit and let it die soon after to trigger their SS. Of course I won't attack them to trigger them. And of course I won't be able to trigger my anti-Behemoth tech w/o getting hit...Hmm...what to do?

Exploding Spore!!! This annoying little unit is a pain to many who goes against it. A nice little blocker that will return the favor. So how does this work for me? To those who don't know, I can kill my own Spore with his effect. So upon start if i see 8+ LP, I can expect Behemoth. Play my usual open followed by Angel or Spore, depending on if they plan to hold ground or not. Once Spore is down, let it die and trigger that first SS after the opponent has played his SP gain grims. Then proceed to pound the LP.

Now back to the rush problem. Well, I now have Spore in deck. I am playing Refress. Need I say more?

After a little more changes with units, I came out with a fairly nice deck that i was very happy with. It was a dragon slayer. It was the ray of hope in the darkness of night. It became a Phalanx against a vast army. And so, I bring forth a deck that really illustrates the power that comes from breaking boundaries and carefully covering weakness (oh, can't forget the power of having the essential 5 stars ^^;):

XXXX - Asuet - Assassin - Assassin - Zombie Lord

3x Blessed Aco
3x Lycan [Angel]
3x Verlaat
3x Wiessvogel
3x Dragonrider / Wiesser
2x Armed Citizen
3x Exploding Spore
1x Blessing
1x Burning Sun
1x Judgment Hammer
1x Holy Light
1x Recovery Power

In the end, my record was 27-8 (with the LAWT record). The deck requires much thought and planning to time the many components involved. Also, many of the wins was due to knowing how to play with and against opposing types of decks.
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Re: Dragon Emperor's Squire Review

Postby Cheezy » Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:30 am

Succubus is the best card ever.
I managed to steal 9 SP and 11 SP with her in the tournament.

Anyway, I see you've put quite some thought into that, good job.
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Re: Dragon Emperor's Squire Review

Postby GunCastor » Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:28 am

Oh yeah, I never realized that about Succubus until now. but then again, I didn't run in to many biggie decks anyways. I mostly played against Gowne Rush, Endless Morning, and Endless Night (and Dalos) decks in the tournament.
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Re: Dragon Emperor's Squire Review

Postby jasta85 » Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:00 pm

i had fun with a board clearing deck, made use of buffed exploding spores followed by 3 lawatia dragon emperors followed by Dalos and another unit. usually iron soldier XXX or dragon of mercurial night. won about 2/3 of my games with it, but then i only played about 7 or 8 games total. just wanted to see how the deck worked.
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Re: Dragon Emperor's Squire Review

Postby slashzero » Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:08 pm

I played a low amount of duels just to test a couple files out (that I'll never get all the five-stars for). Of the two files I had success with (Renally and Endless Night + Dalos) I'm inclined to say endless night definitely is the more versatile of the two.

However, I'm more partial to using Renally, although she runs into big problems if she gets a Dispel or EX Defau unleashed on her. If your opponent doesn't have any specific counters for defense it's easy to get get her to 30 def early on with which she packs a punch. Once Alphonse/Le Beau goes off late game it's smooth sailing since hopefully your opponent has used their supply of defense countering cards (if any) already. At that point she can pretty much OHKO every card in the game.

Hmm, shouldn't this thread be in the strategy section?
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Re: Dragon Emperor's Squire Review

Postby LegendsEnd » Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:16 am

I played a few matches to see what the competitive decks for set1+2 would look like. Seems big creature with +3 Sphere level SC stacking and endless night are the favorites. Set 2 really appears to be much better than set 1. That is to say, someone with a playset of set 2 would very likely beat someone with a playset of set 1, all other things being equal.
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