Close battles?

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Close battles?

Postby Gota » Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:32 pm

Sorry if there are already a thread like this =o I didn't find any though... and I hope this sections is ok, since it isn't really rules or strategy @_@

Anyways, if you want to share any close battles, good games, interesting tactics, surprises, or a very very lucky play. Then lets share it in this thread =D

I can start it off =P

So I'm one of those people that have made 4 accounts to try out each and every starter deck, and I was just playing with refess today for fun, because I pulled a Holy Dragon from the lottery, and it looked nice, so I wanted to play it =D

Warning: Long post @_@

So I went in, my account is lv2, my opponent was also lv2, he was using falkow.

So, I summoned Blessed acolyte first turn and he summoned haste soldier, I was almost overjoyed to not see a witch opening. Or else I woulda been done for totally. Since I'm already gonna be behind in the AGI part the whole game, cant afford to be behind on SP as well .___.''

He proceed to put down Song Sorceress, Sorcerer Guard, Sea Hunter, then an unexpected Invisibility Edge on Sea Hunter omg... @_@
With Refess' limited amounts of lv1, I had to put down Kesaran Pasaran 2nd turn, then I went with Light Spearwoman, then later a Ruby Carbuncle.

Things went as normal, till one turn, he summoned a second Sorcerer Guard, I was like.... OMG ASDFWAGR (refess 25AT -__-), so it was ok, I was using SS, and resting and such to stall 1-2 turns, and let my Spearwoman do her thing (and of course, she misses the sea hunter every time -.-'), I also splashed a Exploding Spore which helped a little.

Then bam, Return, right when Spearwoman is on the last copy (That Sea Hunter with the +1 RNG realllllly hurt ._.). I have to say, that Return was the most devastating hit in the middle of the game. I do not know to summon her back or not, since its only 1 copy of her, and she is the only one that can hit through the defense.... .______. (I end up not using her)

I had to fight for the AGI 3 spot to just get in 0(seahunter) or 5(undine) damage in, because of the 20 def boost from the double Guard and Refess 25AT which was pathetic. >.< so most that I did was rest, and thank god, Kesaran Pasaran was in the back row giving me SP.

But with amazing amount of luck, my return 2 random card from cemetary SS got me back another Blessed Acolyte and the Spore back, then my random row hitting SS hit the back row, and killed both Sorcerer Guard, which later 1 revived.

I was able to pick off the Song Sorceress, some undine, all haste, some Sylph, 1 Sorcerer Guard.
He was killing all my units, but I kept reviving them, but I lost some Aco, Spearwomen, Spore twice, Kesaran once.

That was not the end of it, because out came Voredore... @_@ weeeeee~~~

From there on, it was pretty 1 sided... with him beating me to a pulp, but I was still able to do little bit of damage, by picking off low HP units here and there. He kept the pressure on though. By summoning Rapidly Flying Apprentice, and Eagle Soldier.

That made me tripped up... So now that I saw the Apprentice, I quickly placed the Lion Baron / Zagar I set last turn (Same turn as Apprentice), onto the middle row of the field, In case he used Confusion Spell to switch up my Field. I had thought about placing it on the back row so it'll flip to the front, but I took a little more time that turn to think about the situation and figured that would be a reverse trap on myself, because lets not forgot Voredore's second ability, Yeah, thats right, 1 enemy on back row gets RNG = 0 for this turn. So think god I didn't do that.

But of course, he didn't use the Skill, knowing that Lion Baron / Zagar would be trouble to him. So he just kept pounding away ;-; What I wanted was that he kill my front row Ruby Carbuncle and Aco, so I can attack with my slow second row Zagar, but that didn't happen, since his Eagle Soldier can target, he was really smart in not letting it happen.

He was down to 2 LP though, because I was picking off his low HP units, and soon 1 LP when I used Ancient Spear Knights Lacner ability to target and hit a column to kill the Apprentice in the back. I had like 3 LP at that point, but on the field, I was totally losing it, with reviving units every turn, I had no way to kill the Sea Hunter (I was only able to take down 1 copy), I cant kill Voredore (it was in the center of second row), Eagle Soldier had alot of HP, cant reach the Sorcerer Guard in the corner back row with 30 HP (Even if I target with the Lancer ability, it'll take 2 times to kill it, I didn't have enough time/SP to do that ability 3 times total, I was only able to do it once on Apprentice, before all 3 copy of Spear Knight was gone)

That is the last part, with Voredore making his units all 1 hit me, my field that consists of only the last copy of Spear Knight, and 2nd copy of Folrart Knight, were both dead, but he couldn't hit my LP (not enough units, voredore buff, guard buff, only eagle and sea hunter hit me).

So this is the last turn that ends it. I was at 2 LP, he was at 1LP, and because the game makes us choose which units to revive before asking us what cards to play, on impulse, I picked to revive my Folrart Knight with the last copy, because i only had 2LP, cant let both units die. Then when that was done and I pick what card to set, I saw my Holy Light...... That was when I smacked myself on the forehead -_- There wasn't much I can do, but I had to keep him from hitting my LP... but I looked at the field, he has Guard, Voredore, Eagle, Hunter, My last SS was a Moonlight Warrior random 30dmg row skill which would trigger this turn.

So if it hit and kills voredore (it had only 15HP left, but he have another copy...), I'll still live, since eagle(30) + hunter(30) = 60 dmg, my Florart Knight has 65HP
If it hit Guard, I'll still live if and only if eagle went before Voredore buff him, since 30 + 20 + 30 to kill my Knight, I can just Holy Light next turn. But if Voredore went first, buffing eagle, then eagle will kill my knight and hunter can hit my LP then its game over.
If it hit front row, (I forgot eagle's HP, but i know hunter would have lived) sorry, memory blurry here =x

So I just said, well... if luck is with me, I'll have another turn on this game, so I set the Holy Dragon that I had wanted to play all game =D

But it was with some dumb luck and that Holy Light 'mistake?'(maybe :P) that possibly had won me the game, Because the row SS hit the Guard in the back, AND eagle went first. ;th2

So his voredore buffed the seahunter and then killed my Knight, then I revived the Knight with Holy Light and his Guard hit his LP, that ended the game =D (If I didn't revive with Holy Light, from reading the turn phases on the forum, the first to close will be the first to go, so he would have lost before me even if I didn't play Holy Light I think, but I wasn't going to try it =x)

If I had used Holy Light and revived both cards, my SS wouldn't have went off to kill the Guard, so don't know how that would have played out. From imagination, it might have been the same, just delay this situation 1 turn later, but he would have more SP, so I don't know...

In the end, my Dragon never got to do anything but sit in the back row for half a turn XD

That Falkow player was very good for a lv2, I don't know if he was using a multi account like I was or just really good. =o
We end up adding each other to friend list though =) it was a really exciting game lasting 20 turns I believe. It was either 19,20,or 21, I forgot.

Sorry for the long post!!!! Hope you had fun reading though :3

But do share your interesting duels/surprise moves if you have any that you want to share!! You don't have to post the whole duel like I did ._. I just got carried away there, you can post parts =O

Lol, I just realized that this is as close to duel spectating as we can get atm XD
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Re: Close battles?

Postby Cheezy » Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:00 am

Close battles are mad fun. I can't remember most of them but I do remember I won because I saved my last copy of a card with Counterattack.
You have to be tricky ; )
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Re: Close battles?

Postby Logress » Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:32 pm

I've been training level 1s a lot lately, so I've been using a lot of starters, and I gotta say the number one reason I lose with the Refess starter against another starter is because I forget about Holy Light. Note, remember my little article about fielding multiple copies of a card? A Holy Light makes that a lot more possible.
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Re: Close battles?

Postby LegendsEnd » Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:39 pm

Had a really close one today. Just finished all my midterms and assignments for the week so I thought I'd play a game, but crest was pretty much deserted :( So I went and played in folrart.

Nearing the end of the match, the other guy had his lycanthrope leonardo left and a succubus coming into play during the turn. I had a Moonlight Warrior, Mad Priest, and Animated Dead out. He had 3 LP and I had 1 LP; problem was my mad priest was on its last copy with only 10HP left. During the turn it would kill itself and I would surely lose next turn as it would be the first unit to be sent to the cemetery for dieing first. BUT! I counterattacked my Animated Dead and closed his units during the open skill phase, attacked with the moonlight warrior so he had 2 LP left. Then his units closed first next turn and set him to 0.


You can see my Mad Priest about to close there :P
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