Random Captain File cuz I can.

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Random Captain File cuz I can.

Postby Callonia » Sun Jan 22, 2012 4:59 am

There goes all the gran I saved up from recycling all the cards i got from daily lotto this week but eh, this replay is worth it.
If anything, Ridrea is pinnacle of what is balanced. No one hit one kill move bs.

I normally use her as one of my endgame units but eh I was like I felt like opening with her, plus this file structure permits it. Its really an experimental file to try out few cards at same time..

That lvl 1 woman of purity something was just cannon fodder but it did take hits off more important units for me, tried out rubens, seem like a nice tank. no standby tho prolly is needed to keep rubens balanced. I already have alot of experience with ridrea but i threw her in cuz i wanna play with her. Judie to smooth out the problem of summoning multiple lvl 4s in a row. Really was an experiemental file cuz i wanna an all captain file that includes ridrea. I have a guardian in there cuz I too tired to think of something else need sleep. At least women of purity don't cost u lp when she closes. She potentially can restore two mangled units back to full life. But no go against angry defs.

https://alteil-login.gamepotusa.com/aud ... 13ee4012ab

edit: his 3rd ss threw me for a loop cuz i couldn't anticipate what it could be.
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Re: Random Captain File cuz I can.

Postby Seizan » Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:37 am

Couple of questions:
Why didn't you use Ridrea's action? She would still kill Undine, but EX: Wiz Soldier would be left at 10 hp. Were you hoping to hit him?
Why on Earth would you use Key to the Holy Realm on turn 9 if you knew Mammoth ss would engage Serpent?
Don't you love sacrificing Judie to take advantage of her open? I know I do. :D

It's always nice to see Serpent lose vs Refess, even if it has some rare stuff (Rubens and Aliria).
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