Starmander vs Dilate+Ruuca+Emma+Mystere (Starmander wins)

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Re: Starmander vs Dilate+Ruuca+Emma+Mystere (Starmander wins

Postby shynnb » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:32 am

lets get down to the analysis:

imo this dilate-emana file has been poorly executed.

1st huge error came on turn 8, when he returned his own antilla instead of opponent's folrart mage. he could have revived antilla using emana (that's emana's role: to protect antilla and mystere in this file) and antilla still could use sp gen. moreover returning folrart mage would also prevent the folrart mage from gaining a magic bolt back and 2 precious sp.

2nd huge error came on turn 13, when dilate could slash the star dragon to death since opponent has more units on the field.

Also, i like to point out that ruuca is not the solution to kill stardragons. in a dilate+ema+ruuca file, bringers are extremely effective to have in the file. he should have sent them out if he has them.
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