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Some replays

Postby Urizen_forum » Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:49 pm

random replays that were recent, I like to keep this subforum alive, It be needing some lovin,also file inspiration, kind of showing off files/demonstrating how I think the paradigms are best run

Lol Troll file, I salute you dear opponent troll on(and yes this was the first time using this file and I did not realize ex diosaur was non char), jsut a lol game

sk v mirelia(I post this because I think more reffess files need to be runnign fierete/sin, Oversoul makes fierete so strong{not op like lvl2 rushes though[plz nerf lvl 2 rushes-rage over]} and ex lma is the only really good sin fodder)

Big red v wk, I like this game bc It demonstrates how removals really don't mean a damn thing if your big filed opponent still has a million lp, I see alot of people thinking that sp advantage wholly determines games, just today I played against gon's mirelia were I got allind shelby song sorced (and laughally{not a reall adverb is it...} told him{I'm turning that it to a officially recognized l33t speek term hence forward} thanks for the extra allind{and yes I have that authoritie}), I think that were he to have had more frog/cem return the matchup becomes more favorable than having a removal ss to deal with bigs and a file ment to destroy rushes, jsut run anti rush ss and mirelia+oversouls=op-tirade over)

lvl6 rank up v urgrant, this is not a terribly interesting game, I wanted to show a lvl 6 rank up file, particularly the start, I like the feline kil-4,heirete arrmy-5, ex girl 6 start more than reliing on dyrad sildier ss, this seems silly but puting out non rankup units and having to wait for something to die prevents you from using the file if all but one are rank up(carbuncle-lvl3 nonrank up-ex girl/dyrad/sal-then the rest of the file) can **** you if they don't kill the carbuncle and using more than one non rank up in a lvl 6 rank up file really makes the benefit of going to the trouble of getting to 6(3 sp or a lp), the onyl decent way to do other wise is alraune-dyrad, this though is jsut asking for falkow to troll you, Second tirade over.

Thats it, I would like to see alot more non ma gow rushes, lvl 6 rank up and beltorat are really strong right now(tbh old schoool kurina tiger paradigm go rush seem dated, which does make me sad) and I don't see enough. All I see atm is wk ma and mid red files, I think this is do to the prebuilts, but none the less I jsut wanted to show these files I may do a lawt rush guide soon, people don't seem to get it/have the nessisary cards but there are some ways of doing it for non old guards with 3 alphonces 3 insides 3 ex ex zugs 3 afel etc. And I really think fierete is the way to go with reffess rushes, attempt at inspiring files over.
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Re: Some replays

Postby ErnnLaties » Tue May 29, 2012 10:55 pm

posting here to make watching the replays easier when I get out of work
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Re: Some replays

Postby Romdeau » Wed May 30, 2012 1:42 am

If they are even still active...this thread is almost 2 months old.
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